Parallel and serial High Voltage AVR Programmer

Most AVR fans probably use a simple AVR ISP programmer that can be built from a few electronic parts or even without them. But the fact is that simple ISP programmer has some limitations, like disabling Reset or SPI fuses.

A High Voltage AVR Programmer is used for programming and configuring AVR microcontrollers that have been locked or otherwise rendered unresponsive due to incorrect fuse settings or code errors. When AVR microcontrollers are programmed, specific fuse settings need to be configured to ensure proper operation. If these settings are incorrect, the microcontroller can become unresponsive, preventing further programming or reconfiguration using standard programming methods.

In this situation, a High Voltage AVR Programmer can be used to reset the fuse settings and reprogram the microcontroller, restoring its functionality. This is done by applying a high-voltage signal to the reset pin of the microcontroller, which allows the programmer to enter programming mode and reprogram the fuse settings and code.

High Voltage AVR Programmers are typically used in situations where the microcontroller is not easily accessible or removable from the device it is being used in, such as in embedded systems or other electronic devices. They are commonly used by electronics hobbyists, engineers, and developers who work with AVR microcontrollers in their projects.

custom High Voltage AVR Programmer

There are two versions of Hvprog programmers available:

  • The Basic-Version has separate connectors for the different programming modes and is only available as schematic. It needs a stabilized 5V and 12V input voltage and is supposed to be used for own board development.
  • The Advanced Version is available as schematic and board layout. This version needs an unstabilized input voltage of at least 15V (AC or DC).

Hvprog programmer is compatible with AvrStudio

  • Supports all AVR Controllers
  • Parallel and serial High-Voltage-Programming
  • Small and easy layout with only a few parts
  • supports STK500 protocol

The original ATMEL firmware is available in .ebn format, that is only supported by AvrProg (included in AvrStudio).

Some of the official High Voltage AVR Programmers are:

  1. Atmel AVRISP mkII: This is a low-cost in-system programmer that supports programming and debugging of all AVR microcontrollers with ISP and PDI interfaces.
  2. Atmel STK500: This modular development board includes a High Voltage Programmer module, which can be used to program and debug a wide range of AVR microcontrollers.
  3. Atmel STK600: This high-performance development board supports a range of microcontrollers, including AVR, AVR32, and SAM microcontrollers. The board includes a High Voltage Programmer module for programming and debugging AVR microcontrollers.
  4. Atmel JTAGICE mkII: This is a high-performance JTAG debugger and programmer that supports AVR microcontrollers, as well as other Atmel microcontrollers and ARM devices. It includes a High Voltage Programmer mode for programming AVR microcontrollers.

It’s worth noting that Atmel has since been acquired by Microchip Technology, and some of these products may now be sold under the Microchip brand. Additionally, there are also many third-party High Voltage AVR Programmers available on the market that are compatible with AVR microcontrollers.

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