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Parallel and serial High Voltage AVR Programmer

Probably most of AVR fans are using a simple AVR ISP programmer that can be built from few electronics parts or even without them. But fact is that simple ISP programmer has some limitations like disabling Reset or SPI fuses. For these you need a parallel or serial high voltage programmer.

There are two versions of Hvprog programmers available:

  • The Basic-Version has separate connectors for the different programming modes and is only available as schematic. It needs a stabilized 5V and 12V input voltage and is supposed to be used for own board development.
  • The Advanced-Version is available as schematic and board layout. This version needs an unstabilized input voltage of at least 15V (AC or DC).

Hvprog programmer is vompatible with AvrStudio

  • Supports all AVR Controllers
  • Parallel and serial High-Voltage-Programming
  • Small and easy layout with only a few parts
  • supports STK500 protocol

The original ATMEL firmware is available in .ebn format that is only supported by AvrProg (included in AvrStudio).

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