Oakley Glasses That Are Trending In 2022

Oakley has been a popular eyewear brand since O-Frame goggles were first introduced in 1980. The founder of the brand, James Jannard, went on to release the first Oakley sunglasses in 1984. Today, Oakley operates as a subsidiary of EssilorLuxottica and makes Oakley glasses for safety and sun protection. Check out five styles from Oakley that are on trend this year.


Oakley SI Ballistic HNBL Glasses

The HNBL or Hannibal eyewear platform was the first frame to be capable of supporting ballistic-rated prescription lenses. The SI Ballistic HNBL Mens Prescription Safety glasses have recently become a leading style of ballistic-rated safety glasses by Oakley. These frames meet military ballistic eye protection standards and support lens exchange.

In addition to ballistic-rated glasses, Oakley also makes a wide selection of prescription safety glasses, sunglasses, and eyeglasses. Check the features of your favorite styles, as well as options for clear, tinted Plano, or tinted prescription lenses.

Det Cord Oakley Glasses

Standard Issue Ballistic Det Cord™ frames are another popular ballistic-rated style from Oakley. These rectangular 8.75 base frames have integrated side shields to provide even more lateral protection than SI Ballistic HNBL glasses. 

Det Cord glasses meet requirements for the U.S. military MIL PRF-32432 standard and high-mass and high-velocity impact requirements for the civilian American National Standard Institute Z87.1 (2015) standard.

Oakley Fuel Cell Sunglasses

Oakley makes a wide range of sunglasses, including versatile Fuel Cell frames. These lightweight sunglasses are made of proprietary O Matter™ and have Twin Toric lens technology. 

Prescription wearers who do not have combined measurements in excess of +4.00 to -6.00 or a cylinder measurement in excess of -3.00 can wear these frames fitted with Oakley Authentic prescription lenses. Fuel Cell sunglasses are also available with non-prescription Oakley lenses.

Oakley SI Ballistic Shocktube Glasses

SI Ballistic Shocktube Glasses are another ballistic style from Oakley that resembles the HNBL glasses. These lenses feature lens exchange technology with an included hex key and have a three-point fit to hold lenses in optical alignment while relieving pressure points.

Shocktube glasses by Oakley also comply with MIL PRF-32432 standards. The nosepiece is made of Unobtanium™, and this eyewear is available with Plutonite® UV filtering lenses and patented High Definition Optics®.   

Oakley Drop Point Sunglasses

If you just need ANSI-rated eyewear, check out the Drop Point sunglasses. These rectangular Oakley frames with an 8.75 base curve feature the SI Speed Jacket design characterized by an angular frame shape and side curvature.

Drop Point sunglasses meet high-mass and high-velocity ANSI Z87.1 standards for impact protection. These Oakley frames are also available with Prizm™ lenses or Plutonite™ lenses for your preferred tint and level of UV light protection.  

Whether you are shopping for a pair of ANSI Z87-rated or ballistic-rated Oakley glasses, you can get the best deals on this eyewear brand at Safety Gear Pro. Browse a full selection of Oakley eyewear or narrow down eyewear by type to see Oakley safety glasses or sunglasses. Many Oakley frames are prescription-ready and can be customized based on prescription measurements and your choices of lens tint and finish.

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