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Never Miss Out On Any Spirit In Woods With 8 Amazing Ghost Busting Devices

If you belong to the kind of people who believe “ghosts aren’t real,” then why do you think ghost hunting equipment exists? Probably for a reason!

Let’s be honest; Hollywood plays a direct role in elevating the trend of ghost-hunting. Now, it is a broad-participation sport. With a butt-load of cool tech in films, we now look at the type of gear paranormal sleuths are using in the real world and if they’ve received any luck or not.


For most people, ghostly happenings are a bit of an October-thing. But for some, investigating spooks is an all-day, everyday job. Let’s suppose you decided to ditch the act of trick/treating and go on a real ghost-hunting adventure with your buddies – salute to you, that’s pretty brave!

Now, let’s add a twist to your hunting story; you are searching for ghosts in the woods at night. Chills, right? How will you hunt? Will you be able to tell if that’s your fellow putting a hand on your shoulder or a ghost?  – don’t panic; we’re just messing with you. However, there is a way to get all things in-check while you’re on an adventure that might spook the soul out of you.

The reveal: high-quality, life-saving, and worth it, ghost hunting equipment! Here’s what an I-have-it-all ghost hunting equipment looks like:

1. Flashlight

Ghosts won’t listen to you, but they will surprise you. Try something flashy and bright to help you take control of what’s in front of you, and above all, see everything. For that, you will need a flashlight.

Yes, a flashlight may seem like a silly suggestion, but you will be surprised at how often people hunters overlook it. A flashlight should be on top of your ghost hunting gear list because it will keep you safe while traversing the darkness. Also, you might need it for viewing historical markers. Oh, and don’t forget to pack extra batteries.

2. Digital recorder

Behold the most basic and essential piece of equipment you’ll ever use: a digital recorder.

A digital recorder will be of big help. You will get a chance to pick up various frequencies as the spirit speaks back to you. A surprising fact; these recorders can spike sub-frequencies as well. So if you miss out on anything, you can re-play the notes and listen carefully. Moreover, a ghost is much more likely to speak with you if they know you are listening.

3. Two-way radios

If you and your ghost-hunting fellow(s) plan to stay together, two-way radios might seem like an unnecessary choice. However, if there are more than two of you and you intend to split up and check out different parts of the area, two-way radios can prove helpful.

Pro tip: You don’t have to search long and hard for the best brands that provide two-way radios. However, we recommend a pair that reaches up to at least 3 miles.

4. Headphones

When you have a decent-quality digital recorder in your ghost-hunting gear, investing in a pair of headphones would be the right choice. Never try to use your phone speaker or the digital recorder’s speaker to listen to recordings. Moreover, earbuds should be the last resort. But it is best to purchase over-the-ear-headphones. These offer high-quality sound playback with eliminating sound pollution.

5. Trifield meter

A trifield meter measures the depths of electromagnetic fields. According to a scientific study, ghosts comprise static energy. This meter can be useful for checking if that energy is real or human-made.

During the investigation, you will feel weird – you will witness spikes of energy. Suppose you notice a positive reading on the meter and cannot debunk it as coming from any human-made source nearby. In that case, it is more likely it is a ghost trying to manifest. Furthermore, that’s when you know you should start using a full spectrum camera – and what is that? It’s next on the list!

6. Full-spectrum camera

A full-spectrum camera eliminates the need to have a traditional camera and a lot of high-end perks. This camera covers the entire visible light spectrum, from night vision light to ultraviolet light. It is usual for a ghosthunter to come across various mists, which mostly manifest spirits. Additionally, you will often capture something known as ectoplasm.

7. EMF gauge

Of course, many ghost hunters have presented theories regarding energies that ghosts exist as energy. An electromagnetic field gauge is a vital tool in that case. You will need it to spot fluctuations within the magnetic field that could be due to ghostly apparitions.

Furthermore, picking up reading on an EMF gauge does not necessarily mean there’s a ghost around you; there’s a mere possibility. By that, we mean, make sure your readings are not from human-made or natural sources, such as wires, appliances, and electrical outlets.

Pro tip: If you can’t afford to buy an EMF gauge, an old compass will work just fine. Focus on the needle to see if it cannot track magnetic north because that might lead to some otherworldly energies.

8. Thermal camera

Thermal cameras do exist in the list of sought after paranormal activity encountering gadgets. That is mostly because of its affordable price, but also the quality of data it can capture. Suppose you can manage to capture a thermal image of some globule or human shape, and you are sure it isn’t a thermal radiance. In that case, that’s a pretty piece of evidence.

Furthermore, thanks to the advent of cheaper camera units and phone attachments, thermal cameras have become a more demanded piece of equipment than it was before. Therefore, you must add it to your list of ghost-hunting gear so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Pro tip: Never use thermal imaging android or iOS apps. Typically, they are not original thermal imagery; they’re just a theatrical overlay.


There you have it – a list of the eight most essential ghost-hunting equipment that’ll change the course of spook forever.

Ghost-hunting is a thing of “today,” and almost every curious George is finding it fascinating to study and explore the world of spirits. But one thing is guaranteed, you can’t make the journey memorable if you don’t have a bag full of ghost-related tech. So save yourself from the paranormal terrors and keep a few essentials (as listed above) with you, so you don’t end up wetting pants.

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