Just How Much Is Your Old Phone Worth?

So you’ve treated yourself to a new model of phone, and now your old phone is just sitting around in a drawer at home, unused. Why not sell it to make some money for yourself, rather than letting it gather dust and cobwebs? There’s definitely a market for used iPhones and smartphones right now, especially with people upgrading their model every year or two and being left with a perfectly functional phone that’s just not being used. But you’re probably wondering, just how much money is your old phone worth? Should you sell it on, and how much money could you really get for your old phone? Whether you’re thinking of selling your old Apple, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy or Huawei phone, here’s your complete guide to working out the value of your old used phone.



Your Old Phone Could Bring in a Nice Sum of Money

You may not know it, but your old phone could bring you a decent amount of money if you decide to sell it on. A bit of extra cash always sounds good! How much your phone is worth depends on the brand, the model, and the condition of the phone. If you’re thinking of selling on a smartphone from a well-respected brands such as Google, Samsung, or Apple, you could be in for a good chunk of money. Even phones from newer, less well-known, or more budget brands such as Huawei, OnePlus, Caterpillar and Oppo could still get you a good price if they’re in good condition and reasonably recent models.

Different Prices for Different Manufacturers: iPhone, HTC, and More

It goes without saying that more expensive, sought-after smartphones will bring you more money. The Google Pixel 2 XL with 128GB could net you anywhere from £150-190, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is in the same range. In comparison, the Caterpillar S60 or the Blackberry KEYone could net you a more modest £88. LG phones range between around £130 for a G7 Thin Q, to just £15 for a G3 with 16GB. As you can see, the value of your phone can vary wildly depending on the manufacturer and model.

What Condition Is Your Old Phone in?

The condition of your old phone will make a big difference in the price you can expect to get for your old phone. If you’ve got an old smartphone that is still in excellent condition, you could be looking at hundreds of pounds of money if you sell. Even models from a few years ago, such as the Apple iPhone 5, are still in demand.

What About Broken Phones?

We all know that phones break or get damaged from time to time. They aren’t the most hard-wearing gadgets around, we use them all the time, and accidents happen. Did you know that you can sell your old phone, even if it has broken buttons,a faulty battery, or it won’t switch on. If your old Sony, HTC, or LG phone has a cracked screen or is otherwise damaged, you could still get some money by selling it for parts or to a phone recycling company, so long as it’s not beyond economic repair. Just make sure you’re honest and upfront about the actual condition of the handset before sending it off.

Selling your old phone can be an easy and quick way to make a bit of extra cash. There are plenty of companies who will pay money for your old phone, and depending on the model, manufacturer, and condition, you could earn yourself a tidy sum of money by selling your old phone, whether it’s a Sony, Oppo, OnePlus, or the famous iPhone.

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