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Network security is the next biggest thing in the IT sector. Organizations have been striving to make their network the most secure with the resources of highly trained and certified individuals. The certifications that candidates regarding network security jobs can obtain include CCNA, CCP, CompTIA Security +, CompTIA A +, etc.

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From the provided option, CCNP has again a wide range of options amalgamated under it. Introduced by the Cisco organization, the Pearson Vue currently hosts it. Cisco Certified Network Professional has been abbreviated as the CCNP. The different types of certification examinations under the wide umbrella of CCNP previously included CCNP routing and switching, CCNP wireless, and CCDP certifications. These have now been rolled into one certification that holds the name of CCNP Enterprise certification.

Cisco offers a variety of certifications in numerous fields. Their area unit has several certifications in Cisco like entry, associate, specialist, professional, expert, architect. Every level incorporated several certifications in it. Achieving CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification proves your skills with advanced enterprise infrastructure solutions. To earn CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification, you pass 2 tests: a qualifying exam covering core enterprise infrastructure technologies and an active science laboratory test covering enterprise networks through the whole network life cycle, from coming up with deploying to in operation and optimizing.

Current Scenario

As software and networking are joining hands and becoming more interconnected to each other, it creates issues regarding security as well. So the need for a robust, flexible security service across all platforms comes into importance. With intent-based networking, security teams can take advantage of automation to scale their security solutions. To capitalize on opportunities like scaling the security solutions by taking advantage of automation, today’s security professionals will need a wider range of skills and deeper roots in strategic technological ideas. This is exactly where the CCNP Security certification program comes in place. It prepares you for the level of skills that high-level professional jobs require in the area of security.

CCNP Levels

Cisco Certified Network Professional Security (CCNP Security) certification program is focused on a Network Security Engineer’s responsibilities. This means you will get basic to high-level knowledge about Security in Routers, Switches, Networking devices, appliances, and choosing, deploying, supporting, and troubleshooting Firewalls, VPNs, and IDS/IPS solutions for the business’s networking environments. With CCNA establishing a baseline of data and the CCNP going in specialization, there’s a huge gap between the 2 certifications. That’s wherever the Cisco Certified Specialist comes in. These certifications can offer you a badge that will permit you to show your skills there in space. Also, in all probability, a lot of significantly, it’ll offer you the required expertise to make toward your CCNP from the CCNA. The specialist level certification of CCNP Enterprise helps the candidate get into a wide range of jobs and posts in renowned IT firms. The certificate can be customized according to the focus subject areas. The candidate is updated with Cisco’s latest technology and equipped with the latest journals and reading materials. The badges too can be uploaded and attached to social media profiles which can easily earn the candidate a better-paid job. Thus, CCNP is a good choice of certification for network professionals.


Looking concisely at the CCNA, the removal of specializing during this certification ought to encourage individuals to travel through the program whereas meeting this market demands. The CCNPTraining conjointly accomplishes one thing similar by providing focus and direction at the purpose it’s most required. It makes the trail you would like to follow easier to trace for those within the future who will be trying to find their CCNP Certification, which may even be followed all the thanks to your CCIE if you select to try to, therefore. The need of the hour is the proper safeguarding of cyberspace. Many people are getting themselves trained in CCNP and other important certifications like CCNA, CompTIA, etc. The demand for such work profiles is such that there are ample opportunities for someone to get employed instantly after completing their certification.

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