I Work Remotely: What I’ve Learned After A Year On The Job

While millions of users enjoy remote work and its benefits, a lot of conclusions about this work-from-anywhere experiment can be made. The process of buying and consuming services has changed and we had to adapt to it. Now we can consider all the changes in various processes, including the way we develop our workforce. So, let’s have a look at all the knowledge we got and things we learned after this year of transformation. 

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Self-organization and discipline

Now many candidates are trying to find remote jobs due to the flexibility they offer. After the year of remote work experiment, we noticed a large number of benefits and perks working from home. We, finally, got a better work-life balance and even have lessons about ourselves. 

We noticed that flexible time management without a boss over your shoulder doesn’t affect our productivity. We realized that we can find self-motivation and set up our discipline to perform the tasks at the same level as we used to while working from an office. We can easily manage our time-scheduling, keep up with the deadlines and get our work done avoiding everything that can get us off track.

Family-work balance

During the remote work period, one of the most important tasks was to organize your home routine without losses in your work process. Working from home we have learned to better prioritize family activities such as after-school games, practices, play dates, and doctor visits. We can finally set up our schedule around to spend more time with our families. 

Staying connected

One of the most important lessons we have learned during remote work is how to stay connected, even being physically absent in the company office. People who are face-to-face with their colleagues day in and day out can more easily stay top of mind, but it can be harder for remote workers.

Working remotely we are more active on email messengers. We have also learned to assign meetings and business calls have become a routine for us. Having all the communication tools we stay involved in the company’s life and don’t lose the feeling that we are a part of the team.

Technological Know-How

During remote work, the worst thing that could happen to a remote employee is an internet shutdown before an important call or remote meeting. working from home we are our own IT consultants and have to check all the systems working and up to date. We’ve learned to troubleshoot and manage all the issues arising during the work process. 

Though companies faced a new challenge in organizing remote work, employees managed to solve these issues. One of the topical challenges was to make the working process secure online. Considering the fact, that all communication and data exchange has gone online, the risks to face any type of cybercrime arises. And luckily, we had a set of solutions not to endanger the privacy and safety of the company and employees. Working remotely is a document management challenge too, and a secure solution to render PDF from HTML is a need.

Virtual Private Networks became a necessary tool for companies to transfer data and minimize the risks of dire consequences. IT specialists found great VPN solutions to protect the work process of their companies and chose secure and reliable applications like VPN Unlimited. Choosing the best solution for teams security specialists analyzed the encryption algorithms, variety of servers, and flexibility of pricing policy of a VPN service. Companies usually preferred to invest in a good Lifetime VPN deal for their employees without worries about necessary payments every month.

Daily life learning

While it might take a period to settle into remote work, once you accomplish it, you’ll find much more new about yourself, your work ethics, and learn how to motivate and self-organize yourself. IT will definitely help you not only in your career but in all areas of your daily life as well.

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