How to Turn Your iPhone into a Music Studio

You’ve made great strides in your music career, and you’re ready for the next level: sharing your talent with the world. But finances may be the problem. Music studios vary in cost, with the average price range for studio time being $50 to $100 an hour.

You don’t have to spend much money to create a music studio at home. In fact, you can use several apps designed for both beginners and pro musicians on your iPhone to create great music.

The Music Studio App

Image via Flickr by E Steuer

This app turns your recording session into a full-fledged music recording studio. If your style of music varies, then this app is for you. Music Studio has 123 studio-recorded instruments reflecting sounds of jazz, rock, hip-hop, and more. The instruments on Music Studio were recorded using professional studio equipment so that you get the best sounds.  

Another significant feature is the innovative keyboard. The keyboard offers features such as three key label modes, loop recordings, chord buttons, and chord programming. You’ll also enjoy other features, such as track editing to adjust your songs quickly. This app is a musical instrument digital interface, or MIDI, compatible, allowing you to import and export, share via email and Dropbox, share files through iTunes, and more. This app costs about $14.99.

Spire Studio

Spire Studio is a mobile recording device that connects to your iPhone and is easy to use. If you’re a beginner, you’ll appreciate the easy-to-follow introduction to making a multi-track recording. For the pros, this app is an easy way to record a multilayered demo while you’re mobile. In fact, the design premise of the Spire Studio app is about allowing musicians to capture ideas quickly from any location.

Musicians can also collaborate by exporting multi-track files to other audio programs as well as sharing project files with other musicians so that they can edit as they choose. This device is so versatile that once you’ve created your masterpiece, you can export tracks to other programs such as Pro Tools.

While most apps are free or inexpensive, this app will cost you about $350. That fee is still cheaper than the hourly cost to use a studio, and you can use Spire Studio multiple times.

Retro Recorder

You’re trying to record an important note from your acoustic guitar, but the background noise is making your recording difficult. The Retro Recorder is the only app that lets you record distortion-free.  Audio Level eXtension technology processes the audio recorded. Then low- and high-level signals are brought into balance so that your recordings are louder and clearer. If you’re constantly on the go and you sample sounds, this app is a great tool to use.

For better results, add JBL speakers from a carrier such as T-Mobile, and the sound will be magnified 100 times, delivering fantastic quality. You can’t go wrong by pairing these speakers with T-Mobile, America’s top-ranked unlimited 4G LTE network. This app will cost you about 99 cents.


The iStroboSoft app delivers unmatched accuracy of the highest precision for tuning software. Plugin your acoustic guitar or use the built-in microphone, and you can easily tune with accuracy better than 1/1000th of a semitone. A display in cents value allows you to see how far out of tune your note remains. You can check your instrument tuning before you record so that you can make sure the pitch is perfect. If you find your pitch is off, iStroboSoft can be calibrated to an external source with 1/10th cent accuracy.

Other features include an enhanced spectrum analyzer, note and octave window display, automatic or manual note select tuning, and full-screen mode so that you can get a better view of the display if you’re far away from it. This app is also inexpensive and will cost you about $9.99.

Whether you’re a novice or expert musician, you can use your iPhone to showcase your talent without breaking the bank. With many options available, you are only a click away from creating awesome music at home.

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