How to Improve your Email Marketing Results with Minimum Effort (Best tips for 2022)

Email marketing effectively reaches out to people who have already shown interest in your business. For that reason alone, it’s worth the effort you put into email marketing campaigns – and these tips will help you get better results with less work.

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1. Segment Your List Effectively

When you send emails to a large group using a single list or email template, some people will be more interested than others. There’s no way for you to know which email recipients fall into each category unless you segment your list effectively: splitting your list into smaller groups like subscribers from different countries or subscribers with different interests. This can be done manually, but if hundreds or thousands of email addresses are on the list, it might be time-consuming.

2. Use an Autoresponder to Divide Your List

Another option is to use an autoresponder that automatically splits your list. This works based on keywords or other markers in each subscriber’s email address, so not all subscribers will receive emails from more than one autoresponder. The benefit of this strategy is that it saves a lot of time and makes it easier for you to keep track of what types of content each autoresponder sends out.

3. Personalize Each Email Using the Recipient’s Name

You don’t have much room when working with HTML templates, but every little bit helps if you want people reading your emails to take them seriously. One simple way to make each email seem more personalized is to use the recipient’s name: this works especially well if your subscribers know each other, but it can still be effective even for strangers. You can achieve this by specifying a parameter where you input the recipient’s first and last names, so the autoresponder program knows to use those details.

4. Use Multiple Signatures When Sending in Bulk

Email Marketing campaigns aren’t just useful for reaching out to people who have already shown interest in what you’re selling. They’re also an effective way of introducing yourself and your product or service to new potential customers, which is why using email templates with multiple signatures is a good option. Each template gets sent from a different person on your team, letting everyone be responsible for marketing contributions.

5. Include Social Media Buttons

Every Email Marketing template you use should include social media buttons since email is only one of many ways to market your brand online. Many feel their emails are “complete” once they finish composing them. Effective email marketing campaigns start at the very beginning by including social media buttons from day 1 and not adding them later because it seems too much work. Social media buttons on emails serve as a secondary call to action and streamline all your digital marketing efforts.

6. Maintain a Consistent Tone 

Within each email template you send out to subscribers, try to maintain a consistent tone: if possible, write every single message using the same voice and approach so that recipients know what to expect and feel more inclined to read everything you send them. This can be a challenge: for example, some people want to use different voices and tones on social media than they do with email marketing. However, it’s still possible to maintain a consistent overall voice across all platforms.

7. Invest in an Email Marketing Automation Platform

​​Email marketing automation is a great way to help businesses increase their revenue. In the past, email marketing could feel labor-intensive and expensive because it required companies to hire people to maintain their contacts list.  Email marketing automation software makes email campaigns easier because you don’t have to hire people to maintain the contacts list. With automation, it takes a little time and investment in your email marketing account before you can send automated messages from your contacts list.

In the past, maintaining a contact list could be very time-consuming. You had to contact every customer by phone or mail and record their contact information to keep them up-to-date with special offers and news about your company. Nowadays, email marketing automation software does this for you so that all your sales team has to do is collect the names and emails of customers when they place orders or become prospects for the sales team to send personalized emails to those customers with special offers.

However, as with any software, you need to ensure that your email marketing automation is compatible with your business’s technology infrastructure before implementing or upgrading any features. You also have to learn how to use it effectively so that you’re able to achieve the best results from your efforts.


When it comes to email marketing, the key is finding ways of doing less work than providing better results: this means both using autoresponders and providing multiple signatures on templates, so you don’t have to write emails over and over again each week; it also means using tools like social media buttons from day 1 rather than adding them in afterward as an afterthought. Lastly, you are carrying your company’s name when sending out emails, so your online reputation is at stake; make sure you do it with finesse and accuracy. If you take these tips into consideration when creating your next email template, you may find yourself writing more effective messages with far less effort.

Ron Evan Del Rosario

A Digital Marketing specialist from Thrive Agency based in Texas, and a writer who enjoys writing about traveling, psychology, and digital marketing. Nearly four years ago, he accidentally stumbled into the digital marketing field. Some of his commentaries have been featured on websites such as Entrepreneur, Medium, UpCity, and Yahoo. He is currently based in Taiwan, taking up an MBA with a marketing focus.

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