How to Find the Support System You Need While Overcoming Drug Addiction

Overcoming addiction is not easy. It’s especially not easy when you feel like you have to do everything on your own. Unfortunately, most addicts feel this way during the beginning of their recovery process.

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If you feel alone, know that you aren’t. There are people out there who can and will support you. Finding a sound support system will help you stay sober.

Here are some ways that you can find a healthy support group.


AA, or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, are a classic example.

For many addicts, it’s the only way that they are able to stay sober. However, there are many other types of groups out there.

Maybe alcohol isn’t a problem for you. Or maybe you just aren’t a fan of how the group is set up. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek out a group.

Do some research to find a group near you. If there isn’t a good support group, consider an online group.

If you are afraid to go alone, ask a friend to drive you. Sometimes, your loved ones might even be able to sit in.

Groups will remind you that you aren’t alone.

Professional Treatment

Staying sober is hard without professional treatment.

Treatments take many different forms. Here is an article that outlines the differences between the two main types of programs.

Inpatient programs require staying in a facility. This is a good option, but it’s expensive. It’s also hard on your friends and family.

Keeping your job while visiting an inpatient facility isn’t easy, either.

For many patients, an intensive outpatient program is a more affordable and accessible option. These programs are just as effective as inpatient programs.

If you choose an intensive outpatient program, you will still attend therapy frequently. At the beginning, that will probably be every day.

Addicts who don’t use professional treatment are more likely to relapse than those who don’t. Professional care is expensive, but it’s probably necessary.

Receiving treatment now is cheaper than living as an addict.


Addicts turn to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Everyone has some form of coping mechanism. We all deal with things that are difficult in our lives. If we didn’t know how to cope, we wouldn’t survive.

You need to find a way of coping that doesn’t involve drugs.

Learning how to embrace self-care is a good start. Don’t think of taking care of yourself as overly indulgent. It is perfectly normal and healthy.

Treat yourself to a nice vacation. Go for a spa weekend. There are more sober resorts and vacation destinations than you would think.

On an everyday basis, reward yourself for sobriety. And find something else that you can turn to whenever you’re tempted to drink or use drugs.

Instead of drinking, treat yourself to ice cream. Or watch an episode of your favorite television show. Do whatever you can to take your mind off of things.

Self-care can be as simple as a nice long shower or warm bath.

Sober Activities

You might need to cut some people out of your life.

Tell your friends that you are prioritizing sobriety. If they are really your friends, they should be on board with helping you. They should be willing to do fun, sober activities.

Here are some ideas of things you can do while sober. You don’t need to have alcohol to have fun. In fact, most activities are more fun without it.

If your friends aren’t on board with sober activities, seek out new friends. Find a group that is interested in hiking or photography. You’re bound to find people with similar interests.

Ask your family members to go along, too.

There’s no shame in asking people not to drink around you. If they have a problem staying sober around you, they might have a problem, too.

Being Honest

It’s difficult to admit that you have a problem.

Be proud that you can admit that you have an addiction. It’s important to admit it to yourself and other people. Most people never make it that far.

In fact, many people go throughout life never realizing how big of a problem their addiction has become. You are not one of them.

You have tough conversations ahead of you. It’s essential to be as honest as you can.

When you slip up, own up to it.


You are on the right track. Finding a good support group will help you stay that way.

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