How SalvageData salvaged my business trip in Chicago

It’s incredible how things have their way of turning out, irrespective of how well you plan ahead for them. My business trips always tend to be great lessons about the importance of not assuming anything and preempting situations. My travel to Chicago for an all-important client presentation about my company’s manufacturing capabilities proved to be no different. I was soon struggling with troubles I’d not anticipated earlier.

Problem with my Drive

It was only a stroke of luck when I thought I’d go through my final edit in Chicago rather than waiting to reach New York, where the presentation was supposed to happen a week later. I had barely plugged my portable hard drive into the laptop through its cable when I noticed how it was taking longer than usual for the laptop to detect the drive.


My heart was in my mouth as the wait grew longer. It was only when a strange gurgling sound started coming out from the hard drive that I realized that trouble had struck. It was with a heart dripping with fear that I started looking for local listings of service centers that could inspect my hard drive, and if possible, get it working again. It was then that I first got to know about SalvageData, a premier data recovery service in Chicago.

How it was recovered

I had only to call them with a hesitant heart, as the clock was pointing to late evening hours, to realize that there was enough hope for me to rely on. My call was picked up by a polite lady on the other side, who quickly told me about the services provided by SalvagaData, most of them centered on data recovery in and around Chicago. The service executive told me that the express shipping center for SalvageData was on Bryn Mawr Avenue. It was hardly fifteen minutes away from me, and upon learning that the center would be open for at least the next hour, I rushed to it and used the excellent express shipping service that takes the faulty media to a SalvageData recovery lab. It was a pleasant surprise to note that even the hard drive inspection was free of cost. These guys run the hard drive and other data storage media through their evaluation processes to find out the problems, work out possible solutions, and match them to the requirements of the user.


As I waited overnight to hear the verdict the coming morning, I did my research on the company and was pleased to learn that these guys were among the most visible data recovery services in Chicago, and had dedicated ISO 9001 Quality Certified labs. Their engineers have been through the industry’s most rigorous training, and ISO 9001 and SOC 3 standards certificates are rich testimonies to their technical expertise in data recovery services. My happiness knew no bounds when I got a call early next afternoon from another expert from SalvageData, to inform me that my hard drive could be repaired and express shipped to me at my address in New York 3 days later. I must admit that I wasn’t too interested in knowing the technicalities behind the problem with my portable hard drive. However, the engineer was pretty patiently trying to make me understand.

Allow me to also share here that SalvageData has been operating near Chicago for quite some time now, and is recognized as the number one data recovery service in Chicago. Moreover, these people boast of the industry benchmark success rate and provide server and virtual storage data recovery services as well.

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