How Online Casinos Moved Forwards by Taking a Step Back

Technology can transform and improve the way we do business. But sometimes, we need to look to the past to really progress.

Lessons from the past

It is easy to overlook the benefits of what worked before in the clamor to replace our hardware with new software. And sometimes, we need technology to move forward to a certain point before we can embrace elements of the past. A prime example of that comes in the form of online casinos.

Few industries can claim to have utilized new technology and moved forward at such a rapid rate as the online casino sector. Casinos have suddenly shifted online over the past decade from being solely found within bricks-and-mortar venues for almost 400 years. They have become accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

The old method of playing table games in a casino with a croupier was replaced by a completely digital experience with automated dealers powered by advanced software with built-in random number generators. These new casinos were able to replicate numerous classic table games and bring them to an online platform. But this new casino experience was totally different from what had come before.

Embracing tradition

But, as technology improved and online games became slicker and more sophisticated, operators realized that the one aspect of traditional casinos that customers still craved was the interaction between the croupier and the players. When online casinos first appeared, the technology to make this available was not possible. But as software and internet speeds improved, they were able to offer live dealer options.

Now, live dealer casinos are becoming more popular, and all the top casino operators now offer a range of live casino options. The live dealer even uses traditional hardware, such as roulette wheels and real card tables, to add authenticity to the games. So, when you play roulette at Betfair, for example, you can choose a live dealer option and choose from 10 or more live options, such as speed roulette, prestige roulette, and diamond roulette.

A dealer appears on the screen and spins a real roulette wheel. Graphics appear on display to show players exactly what is happening, and different camera angles show the roulette wheel.

Using the latest webcam casino technology, players can now feel closer to the action, interact with the dealers, and enjoy more features than ever before. Online casinos have used new technology to embrace the best elements of the past to provide the ultimate customer experience. This may be enhanced even further when virtual reality starts to take off.

The human touch

Any business that uses new technology can take lessons from how online casino has come full circle in a way that benefits the industry and the customer. Technology is not always about moving further away from how we did things in the past – it allows us to bring best practices from the past to new platforms. It also allows us to bring humanity back to a world driven by technology, and we should never lose sight of that.

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