How do I Convert a HEIC to PDF on Mac?

After iOS 11, Apple released a new image format for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac – HEIC. And all the photos taken are saved in this format. 


But the disadvantage is that they are not readable on devices supporting Android or Windows. 

Therefore, it is better to convert images to PDF format so they can be opened on all devices.

Users can always find the right tool to convert heic to PDF as many programs allow you to solve this task quickly. 

The HEIC format is constantly being improved, will soon become widely known, and will be very popular. Until then, it is worth ensuring that working with such files does not require much effort and time. 

Converting the HEIC format to PDF on Mac

People who work with HEIC through Mac IOS may find it difficult to read such files. In such cases, you need to take care of the conversion. Users can take advantage of: 

  1. HEIC converters for Mac – some programs can be installed on the device to convert files quickly and uncompromisingly. 
  2. Conversion services – such sites require an Internet connection. And all files can be saved in cloud storage. 

It is possible to edit a pdf online using the suggested options. To make quality changes to the file, you need to open the service or application and ensure it is set up for conversion. In some cases, you may need to further convert a pdf to word. Then, it is necessary to ensure that the service provides such a possibility. 

You can then proceed with the conversion by following the simple instructions: 

  1. Find the HEIC format file on your device and press “Select Files.” 
  2. Choose PDF from the menu and press “Convert.”

It often takes just a few seconds to convert these documents. After that, the PDF images will be saved on your device or cloud storage. In some cases, after conversion, the file can be quite large. And in that case, it is better to compress a PDF

In addition, some Mac IOS applications allow you to convert files in preview mode. To do this, you need to select from the menu: 

  • “File”; 
  • “Export as PDF.” 

But in this mode, it will be impossible to edit the document and merge PDF documents or PDF splitter. Therefore, it will be necessary to use PDF software additionally for editing. 

PandaDoc – Useful Service for Document Management 

In today’s ever-changing world, it’s extremely important to work correctly and efficiently with different documents and use the best programs. 

Users who often have to work with documents in different formats can use the tools of the PandaDoc service. There are a lot of suggestions on the site which can be used to simplify complicated tasks. 

People can easily combine PDFs or make the necessary edits. 

And there is no need to install any applications to work with the portal. Everything is done on the service with cloud storage. This is convenient because users can exchange documents over the network, edit them, and electronically sign them. 

The portal offers a large selection of useful tools and ready-made contract templates. Therefore, it is in high demand among companies that regularly work with documents. 

The site has several types of tool packages at bargain prices. But every user can take advantage of the free trial period. You can try all the useful tools for seven days and decide which ones you want to use in your work. 

Even beginners will not have difficulties with the PandaDoc service when working with documents because the site is intuitive and

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