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How can you become a professional ebook transcriber?

Earning money is the most important task nowadays due to the growing needs and desires of a living being. Sometimes the earning task lies with the male while many times each person earns according to its capability, qualification, and skillset. The mandatory task, however, is to earn as much as it takes to live an honorable and up to the mark life. Living life, therefore, is not expensive but the lifestyle that one may choose. In modern time other than going to the physical places to earn, online jobs and business handling is more preferable due to the flexibility it grants on rules and timings.  As far as business is concerned, people buy and sell products online. While famous online jobs include content writing whether research or academic, digital marketing, graphic designing, and transcriptionists, etc.

become a professional ebook transcriber

A transcriptionist in this regard is on high demand in the market because of the work they can do. They can certainly fit in the governmental and nongovernmental financial organizations, law firms, insurance agencies, etc. Transcriptionists also can update his profile according to the client demand that needs their novels, audios, and important videos, etc to get transformed in words.  

How To Become a Transcriptionist

There are different fields of transcribing that allow for numerous job opportunities under virtually any circumstances. If someone wishes to learn how to become a transcriptionist it is important to determine which of the different specialized fields in transcription that you can successfully compete with. The specialized fields in transcription should greatly expand the opportunities to allow virtually anyone to build a successful career, transcribing virtually anything where needed. Some of these specializations, however, will also require a very unique skill set for transcription services.

The skillset of the transcriptionist

A transcriptionist should be able to multitask and have a strong hearing with sharp memory. This will be followed by a maximum typing speed to write 30-40 words per minute on average. Words typed, however, should be free from grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors. A transcriptionist should have the basic knowledge of the subject he is writing so that he can easily pass legal writing skills. Proofreading skills, therefore, include editing skills and ensures optimal documentation and uplift the ranking of transcriptionist daily and makes him more demanding. A professional transcript should have proper knowledge of the technology he may use for the quality results. In this regard, they should have the skills to use designer transcription software.   

A professional E-book transcriber

The trend of an e-book is increasing so as the technology. This helps you in getting your desired book, novel, etc. on your handset. The general types of E-book include e-Pub and MOBI. Concerning business too, modern technology is the mother of all inventions and can be used to gain the fruits of anything. Perfect use of technology also leads to having more clients whatever the field is.  An e-book transcriber can increase his demand by following certain tips mentioned below:

1) Auto-correction

As described above, a transcriber needs to have fast typing speeds. And when transcriber types fastly, chances of spelling and grammatical errors increase. In this case, one needs to enable spelling and grammar check and make its function automatic. As in this field, wasting time on manual correction can mark the speed as of a turtle. Moreover, these mistakes can be avoided when someone has a basic knowledge of the field along with the efficient practice of typing to make him a pro in typing. An important point is that other than the spell and grammar check function of the word, there is dedicated software available to check the punctuation, structure and spelling issues such as Grammarly. And these features are free to check and improve in Grammarly.

2) Shortcuts

Shortcuts if used sensibly is a savior in times of hurry. Using shortcuts makes transcriptionist pro in his field. It means taking benefit from the short cut keys enabled at every software to get the task done fastly and timely. With a mouse, simple copy-pasting can consume a lot of time while time can be saved with the use of shortcut keys. A transcriptionist can also type smartly by setting up the shortcuts of the words that are commonly used including “because”, “whatever”, “wherever”, etc. This can be done in Microsoft word by clicking on the Tools tab, customize and command. A keyboard tab will appear after hitting the command key that lets you customize function tabs.       

3) Headphones

People generally use hands-free to listen to the audio they have and receive in shared files online. Hands-free has qualities and cheap quality damages listening skills. Ears are the most important asset a transcriber has and the hard work pays off if the transformation is perfect. In this case, one needs to choose a perfect headset according to its budget, comfort and working environment. Perfect and desirable features of headset include a weightless and wireless product with active voice cancellation feature and dedicated mic with fast charging capability. General types of the headset are “over the ear headphones” and “on-ear headphones”.  Headphone moreover according to their type can be connected through USA connection or Jack Pin connection while former in this regard is good as this bypass the sound card of your computer.

4) Foot Pedals

While listening to an audio, forwarding, rewinding and pause it for a while with time-taking instruments brings the graph of a professional downwards. Generally, a mouse is used for the purpose that makes the process slow and confuses a transcriptionist while multitasking. He, therefore, needs a product that does not divert his attention and technology has invented the best alternative of this in the form of foot pedals. By using a foot pedal, a transcriptionist can easily adjust the speed, forward and backward the audio according to the need.

5) Software

Along with the hardware requirements, software and the right use of it saves a transcriptionist from being in a vulnerable position. Software such as express scribe and Free make is used to provide ease as far as audios are concerned. These formats can be changed into MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, AC3, M4R, etc. Moreover, video files can be converted into audio as well.

  • Software like DFX audio can enhance audio clarity by cancelling the noise and increasing the volume of the audio.
  • Secondly, if a transcriptionist is running a business and has a team then he can split the audio files and distribute it amongst the others to get work done more accurately on time.
  • Thirdly, software like Dragon is used to translate the audio or video in words. The accuracy, however, is not 100% in this case due to the difference of accent and clarity level.  This software, on one hand, brightens the future of automatic transcription while overshadowing the opposite and on the other hand makes transcribers more professional.     
  • There is software available in the market to compress a file into one folder or unzip the compressed files transferred by the client. This is a less storage taking application enabling a transcriber to compress, for example, 20 audio files into one. WinZip in this regard is the software offering 30-day free trial as well.

6) Internet connection

A strong internet connection is the mother of all. Internet is required for downloading, uploading and proofreading if the software installed requires an internet connection. In this regard, if the connection speed is slow or interrupts frequently or downloads slowly, a transcriber is off the list of a client. To do work from home, a transcriber needs to get over this issue on a priority basis. He needs to have software for the perfect possible translation, short cut keys, knowledge of beneficial tools, etc. The list also includes software such as IDM to resume the unfinished download from the history of the connection broke for a while. IDM also helps to download the heavy files at an exceptional speed.


A skill set including listening power, typing speed, and basic knowledge helps a lot in becoming a transcriptionist. While to become a professional and get reviewed daily, perfect software usage can ensure success in this regard. This enhances the professionalism of the EBook transcriber while increasing his demand. Above mentioned are the tips that one needs to follow to get and give the best results.

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