Graduate Careers In Media: Why Top Talent Is Turning To DIRECTV

Founded in the 80s, DIRECTV is one of the country’s leading pay-TV providers, with revenues in excess of $30 billion annually. Over 27,000 employees, across many different roles and departments, make up the DIRECTV family. The team is expected to expand even further once their proposed acquisition by AT&T is finalized.


For a college student, graduates, and professional job seekers, there is growing reason to turn to a career with DIRECTV. With the opportunity to develop a lifelong career which is challenging, fulfilling, and rewarding in equal measure, DIRECTV is fast becoming a popular destination for talented individuals looking for that dream career.

Types of Careers With DIRECTV

There are a number of different branches of the DIRECTV organization, each providing a range of careers. According to DIRECTV, job opportunities within the company are divided into three main categories: enterprise, customer care and home services.


Enterprise covers roles and responsibilities that make up the business side of DIRECTV. It may be that you are an accountancy graduate looking for a finance role, or a specialist in human resources. Or you may be looking for a career on the technical side of service delivery. The enterprise division is home to a vast portfolio of responsibilities and disciplines for professional, creative individuals with the relevant skills and qualifications.

Customer Care

Becoming America’s number one for satellite TV services doesn’t happen without a strong emphasis on customer care. One of DIRECTV’s most vital selling points for consumers is the guarantee of industry-leading support. Their customer care division employs graduates and college students alike, in roles designed to support the delivery of services across the nationwide DIRECTV network.

Home Services

Home Services is the division within DIRECTV responsible for installing Satellite TV or third-party Internet access and maintaining the network and connections, specifically within the homes of DIRECTV customers. Better suited to those with a technical skill set, the 7,000 technicians and support staff ensure the more comprehensive network remains in good working order at all times.

Why Work With DIRECTV?

DIRECTV is one of the leading companies in the satellite TV sector, with a range of career opportunities on offer for graduates and college students covering a broad base of skills and interests. But aside from working for an S&P 500 company, and one of the nation’s most recognizable home entertainment brands, why else might you choose to look further at the careers on offer?

– Competitive Salary: DIRECTV pay competitive salary rates, across each of their departments, so you can expect to be well-rewarded for your hard work.

– Excellent Training and Development Opportunities – Lunch ‘n’ Learn meetings, shadowing senior colleagues, and supportive networks mean ample room to grow and develop your skills and reach your professional potential.

– Holidays and Perks – aside from training opportunities, there are also perks, holidays, and a strong work/life balance on offer for those who find roles in DIRECTV.

  • Job Security and Challenge – in an industry that is constantly changing, DIRECTV looks set to be even more secure than the field, thanks to the ongoing merger with AT&T.

There are dozens of reasons talented people choose careers with DIRECTV. You, too, can keep an eye on upcoming vacancies, and find more details about DIRECTV recruitment here.

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