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Five Reasons The Future Of Education Is Online Learning

Almost every domain worldwide is bound to go online or channeled through technology due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. When it comes to education,  this domain has suffered the most alongside the economy. After the COVID-19 shutdown, educational institutions went through an uncertain time, and students got locked down inside their homes. It looked as if education had reached a permanent stop. But to every temporary problem, there’s a solution.

online education

So to tackle these issues, the online education system came into action. This plan, to date, has been adopted all over the world. Students and young scholars, along with many others, can continue their education while sitting in their homes. Scholars argue that this online education system has dramatically changed the traditional education system we had before the pandemic. And the online education system has experienced the most changes likely to last even after the epidemic is over.

We have been following the traditional education approach for a long time, so some apprehension about online learning is understandable. But do we want to let our perceptions hold us back, to limit our growth? Online learning is a proven approach as it has demonstrated its effectiveness in the field. According to a report by Babson Survey, In 2002, Education institutions only enrolled 1.6 million higher education students in online learning, which grew to approximately 7 million by 2011. If this number grew at the same rate, we would have over 14 million online learning students by 2021. So this approach is practical for learners of all ages. And it has proven to be beneficial to not only students but teachers as well.

If you have a computer, you can access education online. Quality education is available to you no matter where you are. Times are changing, and we have many more learning options available to us than ever before. Here are five reasons why online learning is the future of education:

 1.  Accountability

One of the most significant facts about online learning is that it has made the learners independent and accountable for their efforts. Online learning has forced students to learn independently because online learning has limited the physical and social access of teachers and students. Though it seems like a con of the online education system, it may be beneficial in the long run. Besides, online education can also lead to a sense of self-realization and make the students responsible for their degree and career.

2. Flexible Schedule

The idea of online education lifts the pandemical barriers that were keeping the students from learning. It also had a positive influence; there is a lot more a student can do since online education does not require the student to be physically present for six to seven hours, five days a week anymore. Students can now learn many skills or can spend their saved time in other jobs as well. Even higher education can benefit from online learning because of the difference between MBA and EMBA. When a degree like an MBA is available online, other degree programs of higher studies will work as well. Before online learning, students were never able to save time and energy for other activities or goals.

3. Technological Influence

Online learning has introduced and trained students with the use of technology. Due to this modern approach in education, students are now ready to learn, give, and take exams, presentations, and assignments online. This influence has resulted in a dramatic change in the overall education system. Because students are no longer bound to work inside their campuses, they can be anywhere in the world and continue to study and perform other academic tasks without losing deadlines.

4. Pocket-friendly Education

Online learning is a time-saving source of getting an education, but it also saves money—online degree programs are much cheaper than on-campus instruction. After the COVID-19 pandemic, many institutions considering the economic situations granted apparent concession in tuition fees. This online education system also saves expenses like travel fare, hostel fee, food, stationery, or other personal items. This way, students can afford education more than before. For example, if people pursue an MBA, they learn about the numerous advantages of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR). Such ideas and knowledge are essential for the betterment of businesses and society overall. It is a fact that CSR does require money and investments to avoid becoming a bad corporate social responsibility example. However, the return on investment is enormous in comparison with other ideas or initiatives.

5. Locational Diversity

Before online learning, students from a particular geographic area had limited options for enrolling in institutions and universities. Many programs were not available in institutions that were accessible to them. That led to many students giving up on their dream fields and careers. Traveling to other parts of a country/state, finding a hostel or a house, and incurring many other expenses were also a significant hindrance. But online learning has eliminated all such barriers.

Students from different parts of a country, living in diverse locations can now learn under the same degree program. Besides the tuition fee and required efforts, it also saves students a lot of time and money. And locational diversity through online education is also promoting racial, cultural, social, and political diversity. This way, students are getting familiar with people from all over the globe.


Online learning has shaken the pillars of traditional education that stood still for ages. It promoted the use of modern technology and has brought students together from all around the world. Online learning has shown that any field and degree can adopt it. It is a source of motivation to learn on their own and find out their true potential. On the other hand, there are many more responsibilities on the students’ shoulders because they have to stay motivated, finish the coursework, communicate with their peers and teachers using the technology platform and achieve deadlines. They are accountable for their progress. The future of online learning is bright, so join the revolution to reshape the field of education forever.

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