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Fiber Optic Internet Plans For Gaming – Complete guide

Gaming requires many things starting from your PC setups gadgets like headsets and gaming eyeglasses. However, one most crucial thing you need to have is a powerful internet connection. Fiber optic internet is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy seamless gaming. 

fiber optic internet

Why Do You Need Fiber Optic for Gaming?

Download heavy games

There are many popular games that you will want to download from the internet. These games are huge in size and require fast download speeds. Not only this, but you will also frequently need to download updates and different content for the game. You can’t rely on slow speeds if you frequently download new updates and games and stay up with the fast-paced gaming world. 

Stream in 4K

Some online games are available in 4K resolution. Even if you own a 4K resolution monitor or a laptop screen, you won’t be able to fully enjoy 4K resolution if your internet speed does not accommodate such high quality streaming. Not only for gaming, but this is true for all types of other 4K streaming, such as on Netflix, streaming live sports events, and video conferencing as well. 

Multiplayer games and communicate seamlessly

Games like Counter Strike and Call of duty are multiplayer games where you can communicate with your teammates, rivals and have fun. This communication is vital for improving teamwork in the game. Gamers need fast speeds on the internet, so that there is no lag and stuttering in audio, and they can communicate in real-time without any issues.

Minimize stutter and lagging

Lastly, the most obvious reason is that online games need good internet speeds to load in real-time without any lagging and buffering. Of course, this is important for online games. But these days online gaming is becoming so much more popular. 

Who Has The Best Fiber Optic Plans For Gaming?

There are various internet service providers who offer fiber optic internet plans. However, each of them has different plans and benefits to offer. Providers like Spectrum and Cox only have fiber internet services for businesses and enterprises, so make sure whatever ISP you choose has rolled out its fiber optic services for residential users too.


Verizon’s Fios services are one of the most reliable and fast-speed fiber-optic connections you will find in the country. The ISP claims to provide 100% fiber-optic internet connection with exceptional speeds. For gamers, in particular, Verizon’s fiber optic internet is the ideal pick, particularly the gigabit speed tier it has to offer. Some good fiber optic internet plans Verizon has to offer include:

  • 200 mbps fiber optic


Good for streaming movies, games, downloads and web browsing

  • 400 mbps fiber optic

At $59.99/mo.

Good for heavy streaming and downloads, HD video calls, share large files

  • Gigabit connections 


Good for family homes, large file sharing, binge watching, long-duration of gaming and online gaming tournaments. Avail offers Echo 4th gen devices with the gigabit connection.

Grande internet 

Grande Communications Internet has to offer 1 gigabit of fiber optic internet. However, the coverage is pretty limited and mostly saturated in Texas. Some of the benefits of using Grande fiber optic internet are its no-contract, low costs, and affordable equipment rental fees. You get cable internet at various prices but only 1-gigabit fiber optic internet speed. Therefore, it is ideal for heavy usage and family homes where more than one gamer is present. 

Google Fiber

Even though it has limited coverage all across the US, Google Fiber is still a very good internet service you can use if it’s available in your area. Not only the internet, but Google fiber also offers fiber phone services. You can opt between Google Fiber Gigabit connection or a Google Fiber 2 gigabit. The 2 gigabit is ideal for large families, offices, or for users who have multiple devices that use the internet for heavy activities such as large file sharing and multiple people playing games. 


Some prominent pros of choosing Frontier’s fiber internet is its symmetrical speeds, unlimited data, and no inflexible annual contracts. You can also avail a maximum of 940 mbps of fiber internet speed. If you want to check other types of connections as well such as cable internet and its availability by area, then buytvinternetphone has all the sufficient information. Some speed tiers Frontier has to offer include:

  • Fiber Optic 50 Mbps Internet

The internet plan includes 50 mbps of internet speeds with no data caps, costing $49.99/mo.

  • Fiber Optic 500 Mbps Internet

Excellent for multiple devices, binge watching, gaming and sharing large files. Costs for about $59.99/mo.

  • Fiber Optic Gig Service

The gig service internet plan costs $79.99, which is a pretty good deal considering you get no data caps and generous internet speed that can accommodate cloud services, SaaS features, large downloads and upload and gaming all at the same time. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is 100 mbps internet enough for gaming?

If you are the only gamer in your home, 100 Mbps for gaming is more than enough. It also depends on how many other devices are connected to the internet and how is everyone else in your home consuming internet data. So, if you have heavy file sharers using the internet or binge-watchers while gaming, then 100 Mbps might be insufficient. 

Do I need to sign a contract with my ISP?

The requirements or enforcement of an annual contract varies from one ISP to another. ISPs like Grande and Frontier do not require you to sign a contract, but AT&T and Verizon do. So, it’s very subjective and you must inquire about it from the specific ISP. 

Is fiber optic better than cable internet?

In terms of coverage and rollout, cable internet, of course, does better, meanwhile, in terms of speed, pricing, and reliable fiber optic win. Power outages and issues like hurricanes or flooding are less likely to damage fiber optic cables than regular cables. For a future-proof internet plan, fiber optic is surely a better choice.

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