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Everything Online Stores Need to Know About Packaging

Operating online means you don’t have to worry about things like rent, utilities, or your location. You can manage your business on the side entirely from home. The cost-saving opportunities here are huge, but making sales can prove to be difficult in the long run.

Physical stores can create an experience that online stores simply cannot yet compete with. Your customers won’t be able to hold your product or touch the material or even see how that one shirt looks on them. Online purchasing may be on the rise, but to truly succeed you need to figure out how you can stand out every step of the way.

That’s why, as an online store, you need to think about how your products are packaged and shipped:

Beautiful Packaging is a Powerful Marketing Tool

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Beautiful packaging is a very useful and powerful marketing tool when you take up the challenge. Consider this; in a huge shelf full of products, how do you stand out? Beautiful packaging will make every single person’s eye turn to your product and want to look at it. If they then decide that isn’t for them that is fine. Getting their attention is your first and foremost goal.The other benefit to beautiful packaging is that it can actually encourage people to share your boxes online. These boxes should have your full name and logo on them as well, so even if your product isn’t that recognizable on its own, your packaging will be.

Sustainable and Reusable Materials are In

Because plastic and unnecessary packaging waste are starting to become hated by the general populace, you can really stand out with unique, creative designs. By creating an entirely recyclable, zero-waste package that protects the product and looks great you can impress your customers from the moment they bring your product home.

Unique and Creative Design Can Help You Stand Out

On a shelf, beautiful packaging can help you stand out. Online, it can help you stand out. You can even take the marketing potential one step further and offer customers things like a sturdy, custom tote bag that they would be proud to wear around town or to upload and tag you in photos to.

Store in Bulk On Site

To offer these beautiful, and even customized packages you will want to invest in bulk orders. These bulk orders will then need to be held together with cardboard baler wire while they are in storage, but overall the cost savings will be worth it.

Consider the Shipping Method

Online shopping often comes with shipping, and a great way to follow up on your sustainable, zero-waste package is by working to offset your emissions. You cannot help that the postal service still uses gas-filled trucks, but you can invest in projects that offset those carbon emissions. Tell your customers about this feature loud and clear both at checkout and on your packaging.

Packaging is a marketing opportunity that you are missing out on. Invest in the design and wow your customers from the second they bring your product home and every day after that.

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