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Do you love electronics? – take a chance on PCBWay 3rd design contest

Designing and building electronics devices is not a single person matter anymore.  Even if you have a great idea of a new device or functionality, you may not be noticed by other people simply because you will not reach the right audience. The key to success is a community which ensures that everyone with similar interests gets their chance to share and get feedback on what they are working on.

PCBWay 3rd design contest

PCBWay has been active in organizing different contest and events centred around the community, which is the main driving force in long term success. PCBWay has a great understanding that sharing and active community enrollment is the most significant power to succeed in business and future strategies.

 As usual, they are running a 3rd design contest from October 2019 till 25 April 2020. There is still plenty of time even to start a new PCB design project to participate and earn tons o benefits. Here’s what you need to do to participate:

  • Upload your PCB design entry or several ones to PCBWay community with the keyword – “3rd PCB Design Contest.”
  • Be sure to submit your own original work, or your designs will be suspended on the contest – so do not take a chance to slip. They are taking things pretty seriously.
  • Honest submissions can earn benefit by acquiring the Beans (an internal point system which can be used to purchase PCBs in the gift shop):
  • By submitting a project file, you instantly get 100 Beans
  • If you put a bit more work by writing an introduction (Including BOM, project guide, code files, production and marketing plans): 200 – 500 Beans
  • Provide a video introduction of your project you will be rewarded by 1,000 Beans

Beans are a great way to reduce your next purchase expenses of your favourite PCBs from PCBWay gift shop. If you get among the best designs, there are even more chances to win a Jack Pot. Best designs are being awarded an attractive prize. For instance, the best design will get $1000 in cache + 10000 Beans, Sponsored Gifts (Imou Cue 2 camera+$500 free Ponoko laser cutting coupon) and pass to market your design in PCBWay bazar with all of its benefits. Besides the Best design, there is a Most popular design which gets the same benefits.


The second place of both categories get $500 in the cache, 5000 Beans and $300 free Ponoko laser cutting coupon and, obviously, PCBWay bazar placement.

3rd place is awarded $300 cache + 2000 Beans and $200 free Ponoko laser cutting coupon and, PCBWay bazar placement.

Besides top 6 awards, the next 10 following runner ups will get $20 in coupons + 2000 Beans and product placement in the Bazar market.

PCB design contest entry example

The total prize budget is $5000, which is a generous gesture from the PCB manufacturer, which already offer cheap and quality services. According to the stats, PCBWay receives around 300 submissions every year, so there is a considerable chance to benefit by doing what you love doing every day.

This is an excellent opportunity for the hobbyist to get additional points, visibility in the large community and potentially kick start a great project or learn what can be done better by watching other work.

There is no doubt that such contests are starting to be a tradition herein PCBWay. Simply give a try. If not this year – the next will be more successful. Good luck!

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