Content Is The Primary Element That Will Gain More Instagram Likes

Content is everything in social media, especially Instagram when you use it for your business marketing purposes. Instagram is the largest professional network in social and business advertising, being second to Facebook in popularity. The platform has the potential to:

  • Grow and generate more business
  • Create better and more effective social campaigns
  • Generate leads and conversion
  • Drive more organic website traffic and
  • Build better brand awareness.

With more than a billion active monthly users on this platform every month, the complicated task of reaching out to more and more target audiences is made easy and with higher results and returns. It benefits both the business as well as the consumers in making decisions.

  • Marketing on Instagram will help you to build and engage a broader social community of both consumers and professionals.
  • The platform, with its creative visual content, will drive people to take the necessary actions that are related and relevant to your business.

Businesses can make critical business decisions with more quality lead generation, and consumers can make better buying decisions with more information provided to them through engaging visual content.

Therefore, your Instagram content will play a vital role in not only getting more likes, comments, and shares without even requiring to buy real Instagram likes, but will also help you to establish your brand with better awareness.

Creating and using your content

To supercharge your Instagram marketing strategy, you must focus on content creation so that you can utilize it to the best of your advantage. High-quality content is essential for any successful Instagram marketing strategy. If you follow the recent statistical figures of the report prepared jointly by Eloqua and Kapost you will see that:

  • Content marketing produces 300% more leads as compared to paid search and
  • This is the number one acquisition channel that drives more traffic to any website.

It is all due to the content which makes the users interact with it and then raise the chances of them showing interest in your product or service.

Creating quality content does not, however, should be focused mainly on selling, or else it may result in the users bouncing from your site feeling annoyed with your aggressive sales tactics. No one today likes that. They prefer brands that leave the buying decisions to them. Therefore, creating social media content is not just as simple and easy as traditional content creation.

  • You must make sure that you build an audience that is happy to be your followers.
  • You must also focus on nurturing a newly formed relationship so that it lasts for a long time.
  • It is also required to provide the users with a lot of value and a solution that will resolve their issues over time.

These are expert tricks and techniques that do not translate into aggressive sales tactics but will eventually generate a sale. Though not immediate, this type of relation will last for a long time between you and your loyal customers.

The four points to remember

Most marketers follow a Triangle Methodology in content creation, but for better results, there are four specific points that you should keep in mind.

  • First, you should focus on thought-provoking and leadership rather than laying full emphasis on self-promotion. You can use so a little bit of it so that the users do not look for the escape route, the unfollow button in this case while visiting your profile. The best way to create content is to keep your customers, clients, and influencers at the center point of your message. This will add value to them with every post.
  • Secondly, you must draw genuine engagement with your content since that is one of the main goals of Instagram marketing. Do not just post anything and everything available and hope that it will reach to your target audience, and they will like it and respond. It is your responsibility to make engaged and take the necessary action through your content.
  • Thirdly, you should grab their attention within a couple of seconds so that they stick to your profile and scroll down to see it in its entirety. For this, you can include compelling stats, proper links to your site, focus on your areas and objectives, add a human touch, including behind the scenes images to make it more exciting and several other tactics.
  • Lastly, post your content timely so that you ensure that it reaches to your audience when they are active. Also, make sure that you post fresh content that talks more about the product, an event, an upcoming product launch, or for offering a discount.

These tips and tricks will make the users pause a little and think about your product, whether or not it will be useful to them and may often end up buying it: your ultimate goal served.

Create ephemeral content

You should focus on creating ephemeral content. This is on the rise recently, and people consume it daily, knowingly, or unknowingly. Ephemeral content is:

  • Mainly videos and images
  • Rich media and
  • Accessible for a short period.

Instagram, and also Snapchat are two of the largest social media networks that allow marketers to create more interactive content by using customized filters to influence their audiences.

You must focus more on CX or UX while creating your content, which is why you should do more ‘social listening’ in 2020 to improve Customer Experiences or user Experience. Therefore, close the loop by focusing more on customer feedback.

Other steps to follow

There are also a few other things to remember when you create your Instagram content to make it more exciting and appealing.

  • Find out your target demographic and create content, especially for them. Most of the businesses try to appeal to everyone and get nothing in return.
  • Take time to audit your current content and make changes in the new ones accordingly.
  • Analyze your competition and take the best from them but make sure you do not copy their efforts.

Lastly, and most importantly, show the right aspects of your product and brand to craft a better product and user experience.

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