So, You Want to Open a Nursing School. Here Are The Basics

Nurses are critical members of a working healthcare system. According to the World Health Statistics Report, there are approximately 29 million nurses worldwide. In the United States alone, there are already 3.9 million nurses. Despite the seemingly significant number of nurses globally and locally, there is still the need for more nurses. In the US, the nationwide nursing shortage is nothing new. The American Nurses Association (ANA) estimated an 11 percent growth rate for this occupation through 2022. On the other hand, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there will be more than 170,000 positions for registered nurses annually through 2029. Continue reading

Shaping a Future Leader: Decisions Parents Must Get Right

Parents play a critical role in a child’s growth and development. It takes a lot of sacrifices and effort to raise a kid into a decent human being. There is nothing wrong with trying to reach for more. For some people, leadership skills can already take shape as early as possible. While education and life experiences contribute significantly, parents can provide them with a booster. It can be challenging for the average mom or dad to identify ways to shape a future leader, especially when they don’t boast the quality themselves. Fortunately, there are a few decisions already part of a parent’s journey that can help. Your plan for these steps is critical, and they could become a helpful tool for parents to shape their kids into the leaders of tomorrow. Continue reading

3 Adverse Effects of Universities’ High Standards on Students

At the beginning of the 20th century, education was accessible only to chosen people. Over time, the amount of information increased, and the learning process became available to the vast majority. The needs of the labor market changed, so higher education became more accessible. At the same time, its value decreased. Yet, this seemingly positive shift had a detrimental impact on society and the students.  The main feeling people experience today is tension. Most of them never manage to relax and enjoy life. The system forces them to rush forward and fight to be the best.  Studying becomes harder. The standards imposed by the educational system and universities get stricter. The constant stress is an invisible companion of everyone who sets foot on an academic path. Besides classes, they have extracurricular activities necessary to get better grades. Many of them have jobs to pay for their education.  Students, overloaded by homework and deadlines, need help getting through. Often, they could refer to writing helpers. For example, online essay writers from essay help service EssayHub are ready to write an academic… Continue reading

8 Emerging Trends in K-12 Education

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another,” said G.K. Chesterton. Indeed, education connects generations. It builds a bridge between the past and the future by preserving the cultural heritage and inspiring young people to dream big.  Thus, an effective education system needs to be founded on universal human values and responsive to the rapid changes that reshape the social landscape every year. To paraphrase Albert Einstein’s iconic quote, teaching is like riding a bicycle; to keep your balance, you must keep moving.  The K-12 educational framework is no exception. It is a flexible and dynamic system that responds to such serious challenges as the current COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent switch to a fully online environment by developing new strategies. These new approaches help teachers meet the educational and psychological needs of the diverse student body.  So, what are the main trends that have recently emerged within K-12 education? Continue reading

Is college hard or easy?

Is college hard or easy? This is a question that many students ask themselves before starting their education. Some people say it’s hard because you have to do homework and read books, and others say it’s easy because you get to slack off in class. In this blog post, we will explore the pros and cons of both sides of the argument so that you can make an educated decision about your future! 1. College is a time for exploration If you want to explore many different subjects, then college is the perfect opportunity for you! College is a time where students can try out what they want to do. You might not know that this isn’t your passion in life until you tried it and enjoyed it. Continue reading

Benefits And Pitfalls of Master’s Degree While Getting a Job

You have a couple of years doing your master’s degree in perhaps a given area of specification – an essential and demanding educational activity. As far as everyone wants to achieve the topmost of the academic accolades, it is necessary to understand their impact before, during, and even after getting a job. In your educational journey, you have probably ventured and explored several resources to attain what you desire to achieve a specific job, right from writing and researching essays. However, having the possibility to buy a cheap essay, you have a tale to tell about how education is more demanding. But with its continued demands, you should at least expect the best achievement of getting a job. Some advantages and disadvantages of a master’s degree in getting a job include. Continue reading