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Can You Use LED Tubes in Fluorescent Fixtures?

Nowadays, many people using fluorescent lamps at home are thinking about switching to LEDs for energy saving. As the lifespan has become longer, the number of households replacing lighting with LEDs is increasing.

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However, to replace the fluorescent lamp with an LED tube, it is necessary to confirm whether it can be installed or whether construction is required. So you can visit this https://www.lepro.com/led-tube-light link to learn more.

Structurally, all fluorescent lamps have a ballast to turn them on, which is an indispensable device for stabilizing the emission of fluorescent lamps. But it is not used for LED emission at all.

Therefore, you should read this article from top to bottom, and thereby you can get a clear idea about how you can use LED tubes in fluorescent fixtures.

Is it possible to do?

The answer is that you can do it. For that, if you have other wiring fixtures, you will need to replace the wiring fixtures (hanging ceiling). But you cannot replace the luminaire yourself, as it requires electrical work to replace it. Also, if the newly purchased LED tube light does not match the shape of the hook ceiling in the room, it cannot be installed.

Indeed, when replacing a fluorescent lamp with a different type of LED tube, the LED with “built-in DC power supply / existing ballast connection type” can be attached to the glow type fluorescent lighting fixture without any construction work. For example, a straight tube type LED is divided into a double-sided power supply system and a single-sided power supply system, and the shape of the base is also different.

Reasons to Use LED Tubes in Fluorescent Fixtures?

It would be nice if all the lights could be replaced with LEDs in anticipation of energy-saving effects, but the initial cost of the equipment would be enormous.

Is it possible to switch to LED without replacing the existing lighting equipment? The LED lighting that appeared in this trend is the “type LED tube lamp”.

The tube LED lamp is a lamp that replaces the fluorescent lamps that are currently in use and is structurally compatible with fluorescent lamps, such as the shape and length of the base of the mounting socket.

Until now, when the fluorescent lights in your office or home went out, you had to replace them with new ones. However, if you use a LED tube lamp, you can save time and effort because it has a long life, and the frequency of replacement is reduced.

Furthermore, since it consumes less power, it can be expected to have a significant energy-saving effect. It is now a large market worldwide for environmental measures such as the prevention of global warming and CO2 reduction.


It takes time and money to carry out the construction work, but we recommend that you replace it with an emphasis on safety, with the consciousness of “buying safety”.

LEDs are superior to fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps regarding electricity costs, lifespan, and amount of light. LEDs continue to evolve year by year, and there are various types of LEDs such as shape, color, and lighting. The price is also much more affordable than in the past.

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