Brand Value Over Link Volume: The New Face Of Guest Posting In 2021

Links are undoubtedly an important ranking factor for business websites. Most search engines use backlinks to track new content and measure the authority of the domain and the content itself.

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However, a great number of backlinks do not assure better sales. Or in other words, it does not guarantee good brand valuation in the market.

So, the question here is: Is it worth investing in link volume, or should you prioritize branding?

Well, the answer isn’t that simple.

If you wish to grow your business into a global brand, you need to rank first in the search results. At the same time, you also need to maintain your brand’s value online.

So how do you do it?

Well, you guessed it right – with the help of Guest Posts.

What is Guest Posting?

In simple words, guest posting is a niche-relevant link-building strategy.

Typically, it involves creating niche-relevant content and including contextual links in it. As the experts at put it, the content is then published on third-party domains or other websites while maintaining the niche relevancy, again.

The result?

Well, it helps build a great backlink profile. And, at the same time, it helps improve brand visibility.

Pretty reasonable. Right?

So, now the question is: how do you do it?

Steps to improve Brand Value with Guest Posting

To amplify your brand over links, there are a few critical steps that you must consider.

Find them below.

Be the Expert in your Niche

First things first. It would be best if you were the expert within your niche.

You need to create content that reflects your understanding of your industry or market. And likewise, it suggests or shares opinions that can help other players or your customers evaluate and learn more about your niche.

The reason is, today’s online users crave information and knowledge. With the internet at their fingertips, they wish to access all the expert opinions and knowledge they can get their hands on.

To help your audience find your expert opinions, you must research and study well. And by this we mean, you should also study the keywords that can help your content rank before your target audience.

Include Natural Keywords

You must understand one thing; Google knows when a keyword is relevant and when it is not. And that’s because the online users know which search terms can fetch them the right answers.

So, when searching for the keywords, you should try to follow your instincts.

Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes and try to think about what they may search for.

This way, you’d better target your content to your audience and improve your brand awareness.

Publish on Relevant Websites

It would help if you did not ignore the last thing is the website where you publish your content or your guest post content. As per this article,, publishing your content on niche-relevant websites puts your brand before your potential customers.

Whether you consider Google or any other prominent search engine or think of it as a marketing strategy, a relevant website would already be known to your target audience. And as a result, their followers can get to know about your business and brand.

Thus, it helps with putting your brand in front of the right audience.

Summing it up…

In a nutshell, the key to improving your brand’s value is maintaining expertise while staying relevant to your industry. And it surely isn’t about link volume. At least, it is not all about link volume.

So, you need to maintain a balance between these two to get the best of both worlds.

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