Welcome to the World of Blackjack which is taking on a New Reality

The card game we all know, love, or perhaps, just heard of, is about to change, but for the better. VR (virtual reality) is no longer a concept that was just incorporated into 50s Sci-Fi novels or a fleeting movie idea that brought us new hope in the 80s. Okay, so it’s taken near 100 years to get things actually on the table and physically use, but it was time well invested, and the results are affecting everything.

Following the console gaming trend, online casino operators in the French market are seeing the potential and going to town on it.

Is this Blackjack, or is this 2049?

So let’s set the scene. You want to play blackjack, and you have VR equipment to hand. You have no casino, so you head to https://www.123blackjack.eu/, were you can pick any of the best casinos in France. You register quickly enough and claim your free bonus to play.

You’re now set! You place on your VR gloves and then goggles. You will then walk through the virtual hallways of the casino to arrive at a blackjack table. Now, this could be set in 4018, where the casino is on another planet, and the occupants are a mix of alien avatars chosen by the users.

Okay, this is getting into the extreme but believe us, this concept and many others are going to take the game, you know, into a whole new and different world, literally.

Did we ask for this? Yes and no. The demand for bigger and better things means software giants have to sustain our thirst for new and improved gadgets. Currently, NetEnt and IGT are tapping into the realms of VR slots, with NetEnt producing Jack and the Beanstalk last year to great success. Most likely to lead the drive for live VR dealer games with be Evolution Gaming, currently the most significant development supplier of real-time gaming platforms across not only France and Europe but into Australia and America.

How Will we Benefit from the Change?

The change is unavoidable, just like the scrapping of petrol and diesel cars for apparent alternatives. Everything that is aimed at mass consumerism is always cleaned up, and made better, and the past is quickly forgotten. Betting is no different. Gambling always takes on new forms, and blackjack will become bigger in the sense of gaming availability and scale of prizes to win.

This is seemingly all well-timed with the ever-growing trend of the bitcoin. Add digital magnet into the mix of VR gaming, and suddenly you’re using a non-physical ‘thing’ to use another non-physical ‘thing’. The result of which, in this sense, will be pure physical joy!

The updates of all this change will ripple out from France and Europe first, being the most significant online market for casinos. If you want to stumble across VR blackjack, then 123blackjack.eu will be one of the first places to break the news.

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