Are Movers More Expensive On Weekends?

To put it simply, yes, almost all movers are typically more expensive on the weekends than on weekdays. Our friends at are here to help break it down. A moving company’s rates are determined by its business procedures. In most cases, moving during the week is less expensive than moving over the weekend. There’s a good rationale for this that, after you think about it, will make sense and may persuade you to take full advantage of the deal.


Weekend Hours

Yes, movers are available on Sundays. In fact, for movers, Sunday is the busiest day of the week. Many folks choose to relocate on Sunday because of the holiday. Neither a residential nor a commercial moving firm can’t afford to miss out on such a lucrative chance.

You shouldn’t feel relieved merely because movers work on Sundays if you’re planning to relocate on Sunday. On Sundays, you’ll have to rely on early scheduling to find a trustworthy and reliable mover. You may have to reschedule your move or use shady movers if you are not quick enough. On Sundays, the cost of relocating would be greater as well.

Weekday Moves Usually Mean Cheaper Jobs

Most moving businesses are less busy during the week, on average. If you use their solutions on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, your charge may be significantly lower than if you use them on a Saturday.

Weekends are sometimes so busy for moving businesses that they must outsource personnel and vehicles. The circumstance raises operating expenses, which are subsequently shared among consumers who are required to migrate during those busy periods.

The same idea applies to the summer and fall seasons. People are more likely to hire moving firms in the spring and summer than in the fall. If you can move at a time when there is less traffic, charges will be lower.

Benefits of Weekday Moves

Aside from saving money on moving charges, moving throughout the week allows you to accomplish the move with less stress. During the week, your children will most likely be at school, making it easier for you to move and unpack without being distracted.

The firms are open during the week if you discover that your utilities are not connected or if you have any other problems. If you move during the week, you’re more likely to get an appointment for repairs than if you move on the weekend.

Issues With Weekday Moves

It wouldn’t be fair to merely mention the benefits of moving on a weekday, especially since we already know there is a monetary disadvantage.

If you move during the week, you will almost certainly have to miss work. If you have vacation time or an understanding supervisor, it may not be an issue, but you should plan to miss at least one day throughout the moving process.

Many people choose to enlist the assistance of their friends and family when it comes to packing and unpacking. Isn’t that the point of a housewarming party? However, because most of these folks work during the week, you may not be able to get that extra help during a weekday move.

The firms are open during the week if you discover that your services are not connected or if you have any other problems. If you relocate during the week, you’re more likely to receive an appointment for repairs than if you move on the weekend.

So What Should You Do?

There isn’t a clear answer here. There are only pros and cons. It really comes down to what works best for you, your family, and your situation.

Always keep in mind that you have the final word on who you hire to move your belongings. Your estimate is your key to a stress-free relocation. Make certain you acquire both what you require and what you desire. Safebound Moving & Storage has enough experience in the profession to know that the customer’s happiness should always come first.

If you’re getting quotes from several moving firms, make sure to ask them when the optimum time is for them to relocate you. It will be less expensive for you if it is better for them.

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