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All You Need To Know About Battery Reconditioning

Battery reconditioning is a very easy cost-effective way to revive dead batteries. Doing so, not only is good for you financially, but it is also an environmentally friendly way of making the most out of your batteries. In its essence, battery reconditioning refers to bringing back to life dead batteries and elongating their healthy life and charge capacity.

Why Does Your Battery Lose Power Over Time

Battery Reconditioning

Whenever you charge and discharge any battery, lead sulfate crystals developed around the battery’s plates. When this buildup grows a lot, it causes the battery to lose its charging capacity over time. Certain batteries such as NiMH rechargeable batteries and NiCad ones can be reconditioned and revived from this easily.

What Are The Benefits Of Battery Reconditioning

The owner of the battery is practically the one that gets the most benefit out of reconditioning his/her batteries. This is because it saves them some money as they don’t have to purchase another battery immediately and they make the most out of their current one.

Another benefit of battery reconditioning is the good effect it has on the environment. Batteries pollute the environment a lot, and if you can manage to get the maximum potential use out of your current battery by reconditioning it, you are doing good to mother nature.

Additionally, in case that you find yourself in the event in which your car’s battery dies out of nowhere and leaves you stranded, if you know how to recondition a battery it could be a potential live saver.

Another advantage of battery reconditioning is that once you learn how to do so, you can easily recondition any dead batteries you may have lying around the house or garage and sell them at a cheaper price. You can also do this as a service and charge other people money who want to get their batteries reconditioned.

What Are The Safety Measure You Should Keep In Mind

Reconditioning batterie can be dangerous if you are not careful. For instance, in a lead-acid battery, the electrolyte present inside them can be corrosive and harmful for your skin if a reaction occurs. Hence, when you are reconditioning batteries, you should follow the following tips:

  1. You should always wear rubber gloves and other protective material on your hands
  2. You should always wear goggles or protective glasses to protect your eyes
  3. You should wear a rubber or protective material made apron to protect your clothes and body
  4. You should also wear a mask to protect yourself from any hazardous fumes
  5. You should have a basic solution prepared and handy to diffuse any acidic reactions at anytime
  6. You should also try to work in an open and ventilated environment to protect yourself from any harmful gases or vapors

Battery reconditioning is a skill that one can possess. It is a very useful and handy trick to know and can be very helpful in crucial times. Hence, if you drive a car or use batteries anywhere, it is a useful skill to know.

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