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5 Tips to Choose the Right Pre-IPO Startup to Invest In

Startups are risky, but they have the potential to turn an idea into a successful business and bring in massive profits. This is why; the seasoned investors are looking forward to investing in the tech startups pre IPOs.


The world’s top businesses, including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and other tech giants that top the Forbes’ list, are all tech startups. Considering their ability to offer substantial financial gains, tech startup companies are popping, offering great investment opportunities.

And, investing in a pre-IPO tech startup is an even smarter choice that gives an exceptional output. Before we discuss tips on choosing the right pre-IPO startup, let us see why investing in it makes sense.

Why Should You Invest In A Tech Startup Pre-IPO?

Pre-IPO means pre-initial public offering. At this stage, the founders sell shares to the tech startup before the public exchange. Investing in this initial stage helps the founders gain funding to launch their products and scale the growth.

Below are some of the reasons why savvy investors choose to invest in a tech startup pre-IPOs-

Avoid Volatility

During the pre-IPO stage of a startup, stocks are not made public yet. Thus, pre-IPO investments have less chance to be affected by any shifts in the stock market.

Short Holding Period

By investing in a tech startup pre-IPO, you need to hold on to the shares up to two to three months. And those who choose to wait for the startup’s offering before they invest may have to wait longer, as it may take years for a startup to go public.

Better ROI

As an investor, you can sell your shares as soon as the company goes public. Moreover, you would be earning passive income through dividends.

While there are a few risks in investing pre-IPO startup, the benefits mentioned above outweigh the costs. Below are few tips on how to find the right pre-IPO tech startup to keep away from any mishaps-

Finding The Right Pre-IPO Tech Startup To Invest In

Build Your Network

Creating small business connections is key. Your business network can connect you with the industry leaders and help you find the most profitable investment opportunities in the future.

Check The Startup Companies Database

Looking at the startup database is worth it when you are planning to invest in a tech startup pre-IPOs. These business directories let you discover the most innovative companies and determine how well the early consumers receive the products and services.

Ask Around

If you have already invested in the past, talk to your investment advisor to find a pre-IPO tech startup worth investing in. However, if you have no experience in investing, you can seek help from investment brokers for pre-IPO placements.

You can also get in touch with loan facilities, banks, or accounting firms who might have a directory of the private startups looking for investors.

Attend The Pitch Events

In a pitch event, startup founders put their company in front of the investors to receive funds for scaling their growth. Attending such events give you a chance to learn about a startup you want to invest in.

Besides, you can interact with and mentor the young entrepreneurs in these events. Even better? You increase the chances for their startup and your investment to be successful.

Use Crowdfunding Platforms

Crowdfunding platforms allow you to access the workings or processes behind a pre-IPO placement. You can also stay updated with the news or other information regarding the startup companies that are all set to go public.

Now that you have enough knowledge about a startup, you can reach out to the founders and offer support. In turn, you secure shares in their startup.


Investing in startup pre-IPOs can be rewarding. While there are always some risks involved, the tips mentioned above can help you minimize those risks. Build connections, review your options, interact with the seasoned investors, and choose the right platform to invest in.

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