5 Tips For A Successful Employee Recognition Platform Rollout

Engagement and employee recognition are a red hot discussing topic among business leaders these days. With high attrition rates across various Industries and employees shifting companies often, the need for better engagement strategies—and, by extension, recognition—is greater than ever before. Deciding on an employee recognition platform should be based on the level of engagement at your company.

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Engagement is just how much an employee is willing to invest in their work at a company, usually distinct from their pay rate and benefits. If an employee feels disengaged and unhappy, their work will suffer. Conversely, if they’re happy, they’ll perform better at every level. That’s why it’s essential to roll out a recognition platform at your organization promptly. Here are five tips for a successful employee recognition rollout.

What is an Employee Recognition Platform?

Recognition systems are typically loaded with useful features. These can include nomination/voting tools, rewards, social media integration, peer-to-peer recognition, continuous feedback, surveys, and analytics. Analytics lets management see how well the system is working while also letting them put a finger on the pulse of what’s happening at the organization. Furthermore, recognition platforms can be an easy way to celebrate anniversaries—including sending personalized cards, congratulatory emails, and planning a celebration—and milestones.

Recognition platforms allow managers to quickly and easily identify top performers and celebrate their successes while simultaneously giving employees the power to see their own success.

Developing an Employee Recognition Strategy

Remember that a happy employee is a productive employee, and both of these factors contribute a great deal to boosting morale. Developing an employee recognition strategy isn’t always straightforward. It begins with understanding what motivates employees and how to interact with them in meaningful ways. Design your program around making it easier to help people feel appreciated and like they’re contributing to something important. Help them have a sense of accomplishment and understand how their work ultimately helps the organization find success in all its endeavors. Decide on what types of rewards to offer through your recognition program and how it’s going to be used to commemorate milestones/major achievements. Finally, decide on using a pre-existing platform or building one of your own.

Celebrating Anniversaries

Work anniversaries can be fun for both the employees and business owners, and should not be overlooked. Work anniversary celebrations are a good way to show off your company culture and care for your workers. They can be fun, meaningful, and offer a reprieve from a challenging project. Birthdays, work anniversaries, new clients, and project completions can all make for meaningful celebrations. They’re casual and build camaraderie among entire teams. Celebrating Anniversaries helps managers recognize team achievements, build stronger teams, and motivate them to perform at high levels. Whether you’re hosting a special event, distributing gift cards, or providing special privileges, work anniversaries are an integral part of any recognition program at your company.

Working With Getting Employees On Board

Employees of your organization should be involved with the design, launch, and development of your recognition platform. Employees should have some ability to choose who’s being recognized and why. That way the recognition is genuine, prompt, and is provided by the employee for genuine reasons. Rewards should also be appropriate for the employees, so it’s a good idea to pull the staff and involve them in the process of deciding what kind of rewards are going to be offered. Not everybody is going to want a cash bonus (although that can be very effective). Sometimes employees might desire time off as a reward, gift cards for their favorite restaurants/coffee places, or even different types of rewards that might be unique (including apparel). Finally, employers need to effectively communicate how the recognition program works and benefits them to make sure everyone at the organization is willing to use it at the appropriate times.

Choosing the Right Technology Platform

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When it comes to designing and implementing an employee recognition solution at your company, it’s best to go with a reputable organization. Industry leaders in the field like Workhuman tend to offer various comprehensive Solutions that you can cherry-pick to suit your needs. To decide what kind of recognition you’re going to try to attain at your organization and select your software platform appropriately. Are you going to need more peer-to-peer social recognition-style recognition? How about something that helps you celebrate anniversaries and milestones? Perhaps you need a platform for continuous performance management for frequent feedback. Sometimes you might require all of these. Whatever the case may be, there is a software solution out there ready and available for you to use. All it takes is a little bit of research and understanding of your business needs to find the right one for you.

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