5 AVR Microcontroller Projects for Students

Engineering students who are keen to learn and explore more often and search for easy-to-teach projects can give them some confidence in what they have learned so far. For the students of technology, we are enlisting almost fifteen AVR Projects that they can try to build. It will be helpful for their studies and research as well. But keep in mind that here we will give only a brief introduction and explanation of the project. We won’t provide you with any diagram or other technical information. This article is just for reference purpose only.

Temperature Controlled Motor

This temperature-controlled motor application can be seen in our daily use appliances like Air conditioners, Refrigerators, CPU fans, and many more. This simple project works on the simple principle that if the temperature is greater than a certain value defined by the user, the motor will turn on. You can think about more applications for this Microcontroller project, like you can keep the living room temperature at a certain limit. As the temperature goes up, the fan or exhaust fan will turn on, and you will have a comfortable sleep at your leather sofas at your most liked temperature. You can use it in the fire safety system as well.

Biometric Attendance System

One of the most popular AVR Microcontroller projects is the biometric attendance system. You can try out this project. A simple finger scanner will be used to read and match the user’s fingerprints and automatically time-stamp the fingerprint and store the required data in the database. Common AVR applications are at educational institutes, industries, and companies where employees are paid according to their working hours.

Smart Traffic Control System

Sometimes you feel the need for some smart traffic control system rather than the conventionally timed traffic control system. Traffic doesn’t remain the same on all sides of a square all the time. Traffic flow is denser on some roads in the morning while it is denser on another side at office closing time. So there must be a traffic control system that may detect the traffic density and control the traffic accordingly. An IR can scan the density of the traffic on the roads, and then the microcontroller will assess and control the traffic signals by giving extra time to the roads with extra traffic.

Sunflower Solar Panels

Sunflower follows the sun to get maximum sunlight. So, if you embed this technology in the solar panels, you will get maximum energy out of your solar panels. This project will be a little tricky, but it will involve 2 LDR’s to track the sun, a stepper motor to move the solar penal, and an ATMEGA8 Microcontroller.

Smart Street Lights

You can think about street lights which remained glowed even when there’s no traffic on the road. It’s nothing but a waste of energy. You can make these street lights smart using a microcontroller project. Sensors will detect the traffic coming on the road, and the traffic lights will turn on for a certain period. As there will be no traffic, lights will go off to save energy. This project will involve light-dependent resistors, light sensors, and PIR sensors along with the microcontrollers.

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