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3 Tips for Effective Remote Working

For many of us, it’s certainly looking as if there may be a more permanent future in remote working as a year-long trial period may soon be coming to an end. Business leaders are deciding whether the shift has been a successful one – many experts have suggested that the change hasn’t impacted productivity. Although there have been a few stumbles along the way whilst learning to adapt, it has been a mostly successful change. So, if you’re preparing for the jump, here are some tips for effective remote working.

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Keep your regular schedule

With the extra free time gained without having a commute at both the start and the end of the day, you may be encouraged to change your schedule – perhaps going to bed a little later in the evening or waking up a little later in the day; this can certainly do more harm than good though. Stick to your regular schedule and use the extra free time to get through chores you’d otherwise be putting off or to have a little extra leisure time without it impacting your workday. It seems an obvious choice, but many are quick to slip into changing habits because of their new work schedule.

Avoid distraction temptations

With no eyes on you throughout the day, it’s down to your own motivations to ensure you’re able to effectively get through your work, but it’s also easy to quickly change to your favourite vice and slack off a little. One of the biggest culprits is our mobile devices, all of our favourite gaming titles at our fingertips, with many growing despite efforts to limit how much fans can play. However, there is a good resource for finding these sites. Finding ways to avoid turning to your device for a distraction will keep you on task – especially if finishing early gives you more time to play later in the day.

Your office away from the office

The best way to replicate a workplace environment at home is to set up your own office away from the office – avoid relaxing in bed or on the sofa, or even sit at your usual leisure place for gaming. Find a place in your home you’re not likely to frequent too often that’s free of your distractions, have plenty of space, and set up your office there. You’re less likely to be distracted by family, you’re away from anything that may pull your attention, and you get the feeling of being at work when you enter this space.

There’s a lot more you can do to help too, and many tips may be more tailored to individuals rather than on a wider basis. Still, it’s up to you to find the best way to work remotely – it can be hard to stay effective and on task whilst at home, but finding the right balance can leave you with a lot more free time and much lower stress.

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