Your IT Equipment is Under Threat – Act Now!

The security in Los Angeles has taken a massive hit in the past few years. Cuts to law enforcement budgets mean tech businesses cannot rely on police officers to defend their properties any longer. guardNOW is on hand to fill the gap left by officers with its professional band of experienced security guards.

IT Vulnerability

IT companies are at risk more than most. Computing equipment is expensive, and that is not including the photocopiers, printers, televisions, and other specialized equipment that thieves can whisk away. How much does it cost a design company to replace a state-of-the-art laser-cutting machine?

Well, it is best not find out by taking advantage of the services of security guard Los Angeles. They have extensive experience in defending IT companies and their valuable equipment. With over a million people served throughout the US, an excellent level of service is guaranteed.

Your Choice

Security Los Angeles must meet the increasing ingenuity of criminals who would seek to destroy what businesses have worked so hard to build. This is why guardNOW offers a tailored security service to match the needs of the company.

We assess the premises we are supposed to defend before returning with a security option engineered towards that specific environment. Our qualified guardsmen turn up complete with weapons, vehicles, and the confidence needed to face down any threat. Even the knowledge a business has a security guard in the building is enough to deter most criminals.

Pricing Options

Drafting in a security guard in Los Angelesdoes not have to cost a lot of money. This organization appeared simply because of overpriced security firms placing people at risk. To this day, it is still providing affordable prices to its clients. Through a combination of unbeatable customer service, strong and powerful guardsmen, and affordable prices, world-class security is something for everybody!

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