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Yet another USBAVR-ISP programming adapter

If you are planning to make AVR USB-ISP programming adapter you may want to consider this version which is compatible to USBasp hardware.



Major features adapter has:

  • small hardware design;

  • STK500v2 compatible;

  • AVR910 Support (alternate Firmware or Atmega168) ;

  • Single side usable;

  • Has 10 pin,6 pin and connectors;

  • 1 kHz – 3 MHz ISP frequency ;

  • Target Status LED´s;

  • Target can be supplied with 5V @ 100 mA max from the programmer;

  • Automatic shutdown when current is to big;

  • Automatic detection of highest ISP Speed if wished (only with Atmega168);

  • ANSI and VT100 compatible Terminal mode to make Settings and view Target Information without Programmer Software

  • USB/RS232 Converter(optional);

  • Bootloader Support.

Files are available in Eagle CAD format, PDF for convenient view. Also you may find Target 3001 format and Sprint-Layout. Project itself is well documented and easy to follow. Hardware and firmware are constantly improved what makes this tool even more useful.

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