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Xoscillo – an opensource platform independent software oscilloscope

Xoscillo is yet another software oscilloscope so what makes this oscilloscope different from the rest? – One it’s free two it is supported by a very active community and three the required hardware for the oscilloscope is relatively cheap and readily available.

Currently it supports only two hardware platforms; arduino using a custom firmware and Parallax’s USB oscilloscope  but have no fear as the Xoscillo’s page states “MORE PLATFORMS TO COME”. Some of its features are panoramic graph view, load and save waveforms, zoom in and zoom out, multiple waveforms can be opened at the same time, multiple oscilloscopes can be supported simultaneously, its platform independent thus it doesn’t care weather your using Linux or windows plus it autodetects the hardware once its plugged in and for those who would like to see things in the frequency domain it also has FFT capabilities.

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