Write code in java for micros with Java Grinder

Java Grinder I basically a project that converts java code so that they can be directly implemented on a microcontroller.  He has implanted many features like GPIO, A/D converter and I2C in his project. In the initial stage, he wrote a set of animation in java and with the help of java grinder he turned the code into assembly language that can be directly implemented on the dsPIC microcontroller without much changes. Apart from dsPic controller, he has also wrote a piece of code that can convert the java code into even assembly level code for MSp430 chips.

As of now, only a subset of java is supported and switch/case is still not implemented yet. Although it’s technically a simple compiler which converts the Java code into assembly for the chip used, you might consider to give it a try out.  Also, it would have been more useful if the code was converted in C language rather than assemble language.

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