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Word clock gets even better

Following clock was originally inspired by QlockTwo. It is just in non English (Bosnian) language. But as always – if replicate something be sure to add new features. And here they are. First of all author wanted to display every minute instead phrases like “half past two”. So this requirement led to using 248 LEDs. Another nice feature is capacitive inputs instead of regular buttons. This makes it look more pro.

Word clock is based on Atmega328P microcontroller. Time keeping is left for DS3231 real time clock (RTC) from Maxim. In order to control 248 LEDs there are 4 MAX7219 daisy-chained drivers. To make capacitive inputs there are couple couple AT42QT1011 capacitive touch sensors used. They work fine through vinyl glass. Word clock displays not only the time but also date, temperature, seconds. It has automatic brightness adjustment and other minor settings.

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