Wireless Weather Station Equipped with Voice Synthesis

Weather is considering as one of the most unpredictable natural phenomenon on the Earth. Go figure, with all the sudden tornadoes, cyclones, floods, bushfire, and even dust storm violating all across the world, it’s becoming harder and harder to predict the constantly changes of weather!

However, there are many people out there have huge interested in the meteorology. If you’re one of the meteorology fans, then you have to hang out here, as we’re about to develop a Wireless Weather Station with Voice Synthesis.

Well, the main objective of the project is to create a cheap and maintenance free weather station, which is allowing the paraglider pilots to tell them the current wind condition at their flying site.

Wireless Weather Station with Voice Synthesis

Unlike the ordinary weather station, this one had access to a PSTN line at the clubhouse by the landing field. The reason why the PSTN telephone line is being used, as it’s a whole lot cheaper than the mobile phone weather station.

The device has two TX units. The first one is placed on the mountaintop, while the second unit is placed inside the clubhouse. The TX units are responsible to log the wind speed and direction for the last 15 minutes. It turns the transmitter on and sends a FSK encoded 13-byte package to the receiver at a speed of 300bps on every 30 seconds.

In overall, this wireless weather station with voice synthesis is probably the best wireless weather station that we’ve ever seen. Hence, try it out and feels the differences yourself.

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