Wireless touch RGB-led controller using MSP430

This is a project for those who likes RGB-LEDs (Light emitting diodes) and TI’s launchpad – its also for those who hate messy wires!

This wireless RGB-LED controller makes use of launchpad’s capacitive touch library for MSP-430. The project board was built from a double sided PCB with female headers that pairs with the ones on the launchpad board – this makes it easy to connect the project to the controller board while maintaining the controller board re-usability. The bottom side of the board has four RGB-LEDs – one on each corner while the top side of board has three capacitive touch sensors – first is a triangular pad that sets which RGB-LED channel is selected, the other triangular pad resets the the LEDs to their default values. The third is a slider where you will slide your fingers to adjust the amount of red, green and blue – and theres more! they communicate wirelessly through a rf24L01 transceiver module. The rf24L01 modules takes the job of processing RF signals and communicates through the Shockburst protocol.

Since the RGB-LED’s brightness is controlled using pulse width modulation (PWM) the RGB-LEDs can easily be replaced with LED strips.

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