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Wireless Temperature Measurement

This one is a little different project related to temperature measurement. Apart from being wireless, it measures both indoor as well as outdoor temperature. It’s made in two parts. The first part consist of the temperature sensor and the transmitting module, while the other one has the receiving module, an analog sensor and the display. The parts used in this project are easily available at the local hobby shop. Hey comprises of two Arduino, an lm35 sesnor, a ds1820 digital temperature sensor, an lcd and a receiving and transmitting module


For the project, you will require three sets of library. Two are for digital sensor and one for rf module. All of them are available on the project website. Overall an excellent project for beginners who has just started to learn Arduino. It will teach you about LCD interface, wireless interfacing and also sensor interfacing. To those who want to try the code along with complete schematic is available on the project website.

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