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Wireless measuring gas consumption

If you want to information about things happening at your home, you should start building some sort of information grid. Sven337 is in the middle of pulling all energy consumption data to one point. Recently he finished electricity monitoring, now he has been working on gas readings. He have faced several difficulties during projects. First of all that there is no electricity or wiring near gas meter. So he decided to use battery as power source and send data wireless. Another problem is how to capture gas meter readings. He analyzed several ways including optical reflection, magnetic with hall sensor and finally he stayed with reed switch. It allows to minimize power consumption as it wouldn’t draw current when inactive.


Measurement is made by using Arduino platform – JeeNode. He attached well known nRF24L01+ RF to transmit data to Raspberry Pi based server. Server side is also paired with same RF module. He used Flask which provides web services that sends gas pulses, takes care of earlier project data like electric meter data and temperature. Data is stored to DB by using rrdtool.

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