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Wireless Electricity Monitor

This is an IOT, or Internet of Thing based instruct able which are in latest trend these days. It’s an Electricity Monitor for your home that utilises some of the key capabilities of the Arduino Yun. It features a wifi connection which will allow you to continuously monitor the power consumed and is integrated with Google API’s.  With the help of cloud, you can transfer all the data to a Google spreadsheet and analysed it graphically. A nice feature of the project is that the monitoring is flexible and it’s completely wireless allowing continuous monitoring from a PC or phone and permanent storage on the Cloud.


The accuracy was 6% which I founded to be a bit high, but considering the simplicity of the circuit, it’s acceptable. The monitor works on an Arduino Yun along with a current-transformer,and few sets of resistors.The circuit is very simple as it consists of a Voltage Divider to bias the ADC of the Arduino to a DC Voltage and Voltage Output Current Transformer to add an AC Voltage proportional to the AC Current flowing in the Cable.

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