Wireless Christmas Lights Controller

This project is from the hot currently trending topic of IOT which stands for internet of things. Majority of the semiconductor companies are concentrating on IOT based products and hence are designing the required controllers. This project features a remotely programmable relay controller which can be used to control Christmas lights and also automate the lights of the house wirelessly. It features a Web based state machine in the AtMega chip so that the relays will operate in whatever sequence with whatever timing you want – all by themselves.

remote Christmas lights controller

The advantage of using a web based state machine allows you to have a set of relays connected to the end of a piece of Ethernet cable that can be accessed from a web browser anywhere from your house and with little tweaking you can access ti from your office too. For those who are not aware off, A state machine is one of the simplest controllers that knows the current state and predicts the future state accordingly .State machines are driven by a table called a state table.  Essentially what the controller does, is cycle through the state table one state at a time.

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