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WiNet – It Makes Things Becoming Easier!

Have this ever came across your mind, that you might want to put together a remote weather station in the bedroom? Ok, I know you’re wondering, “What the heck are you talking about? Why do I need a remote weather station here?” Well, seriously, no everyone needs the remote weather station, except you’re very fascinate with the changing of weather!

In this case, the WiNet is the best choice for controlling your weather station. For your information, WiNet is a well-built device, which is comes with an Arduino and Xbee shield for the base station. It enables you to connect to your computer and remote your computer wirelessly!


Beside that, it equipped with a TouchShield Slide, DoubleTall ExtenderSheild and MeCap Backpack features, which made the wireless control becoming even smoother.

By using the WiNet, you’re able to talks to the PC from up to 200 feet through walls. Honestly, it’s totally a great option for wireless sensor logging and remote user input.

Normally, it’s pretty hassle to connect the Xbees to talk to each other, but you won’t have this problem, if you’re using the WiNet, as the two zigbee devices are already paired with each other. Hence, it saves up your time to pair the two zigbee together.

However, the price is a little bit pricey (It costs around US$390 each). Well, it depends on your wills, whether you want to have it or not!

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