Wind Indicator

Every other person has some fantasy towards weather. They really like to be updated about the weather very frequently. The author of the project was one of the same kind of person. The author of the project designed a LED based Wind indicator which displays the wind direction, its force and a prediction for the next day. Since the project is still in the developing mode, the data which the wind indicator has to be connected to the PC using a USB to serial interface. If your PC has a serial port unlike a laptop, you can directly hook up a serial cable instead of using the converter.

For the project all you need are LED’s, resistors, buttons, screw terminals, Atmega, its ISP programmer and python v2.6. The project has been build using SMD based components, however if you wish to you can make it using through hole components. The code is ready to burn as it’s included with a hex file. The user used the weather data available on the internet and using python transferred it to the microcontroller.

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