What is Arduino Zero?

It’s been couple weeks since Arduino Zero was announced. It sounds like a great new player in Arduino world. So what it is and what benefits do we get from it? The name Zero may sound like a downgrade from UNO, but in fact this is opposite. I think this naming convention was chosen not to confuse with Arduino Duo. Anyway this is not that important as it features. Arduino Zero comes in shape of Arduino Uno. So this is same feel as standard Arduino board, but it packs powerful 32-bit SAMD21 MCU ARM Cortex-M0 clocked at 48MHz. It features 256KB MB of flash and 32KB of SRAM. Up to 16KB EEPROM emulation. As ARM it also brings additional 10-bit DAC to functionality.


One nice feature here is embedded debugger (EDBG) which enables debugging without external hardware. Debugger part also supports virtual serial interface which is used for programming Arduino. So if you stuck with Uno, try to boost performance with Zero.

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  1. You mean… 256 KB of flash not MB, right ? 🙂

  2. Yes it is 🙂
    Thank you for notice.

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