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Web Analytics and Its SEO Importance

SEO is an essential digital marketing strategy used by people willing to expand their platform over the internet. However, an SEO specialist Perth says that this process required many elements and techniques to be used and several steps to be taken. One of the essential steps that need to be taken is web analytics.


What is web analytics?

Web analytic is a tool that provides a detailed report on the performance of your website and how many users surfed through your page. In addition, it gives you a close look at what all the users were searching for. Finally, it helps you work on your content constructively and enhance your page according to the interest and needs of your audience.

An experienced SEO specialist will suggest that web analytics is vital as it helps you work on your website to make it better.

The importance of web analytics is explained below:

1. Know your users better and work towards enhancing their experience.

The changes you make on your page should be critical to make sure it doesn’t push away your older clients and attracts more people. To make such effective changes, you need to get to know what your customers prefer.

The details needed to understand your audience can be related to various subjects like geographic location, age, gender, interesting topics, etc. You also need to know about the device they use to reach out to your page to have better compatibility with that platform. In 2020, 55% of the online traffic came from mobile phones and 42% from desktops. This is where an SEO specialist in Perth can help you to gain more knowledge about this topic.

2. Know which type of content is highly liked by your audience

You need to edit the content you provide on the page frequently to ensure your page has all the recent information and is very active in providing information. An SEO specialist recommends that you need to keep track of the kind of content that is highly suitable for your page to gain more traffic.

Web analytics helps you by showing the exact visits your page gets per day, the duration of time spent by the customer on a particular subject, and the bounce rate for your pages.

3. Efficiently helps with the SEO of your website

Since you know the type of content your viewers would like to see more of; you can work towards that to gain a larger audience. This helps you to work on essential keywords that could help you gain traffic. In addition, consulting with an SEO specialist can help you understand various requirements related to Digital Marketing in general.

You know which keyword to focus on, which prevents you from focusing on the keywords that are dead words as they do not bring any profit to your page. This also helps majorly in backlinks as you are well aware of your referrals.

4. Build effective strategies with referrals that provide maximum recognition

Backlinks play a vital role in gaining influence and trust since these refer to links provided by other websites to provide information on a particular topic. To be able to check the website is helping you to gain a relevant image, and leading more people towards your site encourages you to form more efficient strategies to gain more profit.


These are some of the main reasons any SEO specialist in Perth on why web analytics is so crucial for a website. Make sure you also use it if you are willing to expand your influence. It is a great help if you are eager to know more about whether or not the projection of your content is in the right direction.

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