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Watch With Oscilloscope

This is a must have watch for geeks. It combined all the features of a watch along with an oscilloscope and surprisingly a waveform generator. I would say it’s the nerdiest thing you can put on your wrist. Another good thing about the watch, that it’s hack able. With access to hardware design, users can write their own applications. The brain of the device is a powerful 8-bit XMEGA microcontroller, easy to program in C or assembly.


The estimated battery life will be over 30 days on each charge without using the oscilloscope. When using the oscilloscope, the battery will last about 12 hours.  The Oscilloscope Watch uses a 1.28″ e-paper display which combines fast refresh rate and great contrast, with a very low power consumption. It has features of oscilloscope, multimeter, freqency counter, logic analyzer, and a waveform generator. The project is being worked upon to make the enclosure water/ splash proof so as when it’s raining outside, the watch didn’t get destroyed. The enclosure are made out of plastic and are splash proof. I have to say, what an incredibly cool project!

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