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Virtual keyboard from acceleration sensing glove

SMD chips, there is more potential of using them on a virtual gloves. The glove we are talking about was designed in University of California, Berkeley by Professor Kris Pister students. This glove along with proper software is capable to translate hand gestures in to computer symbols.

Glove has Analog Devices ADXL202 dual axis accelerometers stacked on each of fingers and one additional on back of the hand. SO whole hand movement can be recorded by Atmel AVR microcontroller which sends data to computer via serial port. It can send data via RF channel if needed (not implemented currently).

Microcontroller sends raw data to PC where software has to interpret it in to rotations in order to define hand gesture. Here is a publication article about calculations that software does to recognize gestures. Project files including Orcad hardware, microcontroller ASM code and PC receiving software C source code are free to download and analyse.

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