Video playback on Stellaris Launchpad

It may seem that playing videos with sound using ARM Cortex microcontroller is a tricky, but it seems possible using few smart techniques. Vinod has been playing with video playback some time. His previous experiments with atmega32 and 128×128 color LCD were successful so he decided to increase resolution using Stellaris Launchpad. So he purchased 320×240 color LCD from Seeedstudio and attached to dev board using 8-bit bus. Using Python script he formatted uncompressed video frames that could be stored in to SD card. The video frames came out to be 320×140 due to widescreen video nature, so left are was filled with black. Once video was done, next step was audio. He converted audio data in to 8-bit 22400 bps uncompressed stream and stuffed video file with it with ration 1/100 – meaning that every 100 bytes of video he pushed one byte of audio. This resulted in fluent playback. The results are on following video.


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