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Very stable FM transmitter based on PLL synthesizer

This is an 8W stereo FM transmitter with PLL TSA5511 synthesizer. Device is controlled by PIC16F84 microcontroller which can adjust frequency from 88 to 108MHz with 0.05MHz steps.


Frequency is displayed on single line LCD screen. Current design was able to reach about 10km distance. But such power could do better with better antenna. Microcontroller hex file.

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  1. M.L . Dasun.priyanga

    10 km,20km,FM transmitter diagram

  2. No schema in this page?

  3. Can you provide additional items. Bill of Materials, schematic, setup information, maybe PC board layout.

  4. Seems that project link isn’t working any more. If someone knows another location of project description we would appreciate that.

  5. i want to view your rf ampl.circuit.ihave a mini transmitter but this is low power 20mw only.but ineed the circuit atleast 4 to 5 watts thanks pls.send them to my email:arnelpasiona@yahoo.com im here now in bicol pilippines

  6. The site is OK.

  7. Please provide me the Diagram for this with all stuff.

  8. Original is here:

    First translation from Polish:
    Second translation:

    All files listed are images or are 8watt-display.doc or rdvv.hex and are downloadable from here:

  9. Please send a complete kit bord for me.I want to view & test range, your transmitter.
    thanking you
    Panna Sen

  10. palagay naman d2 yung complete list ng components ng 8w transmitter

  11. palagay naman po d2 yn complete list ng components ng 8w transmitter.salamat po!

  12. Should the integral pic16f84 be programed before it is set up?

  13. and how

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  16. eu gostei desse projeto,sera que é possivel vc mandar esse projeto para mim,muito grato email:djblackout_@hotmail.com

  17. Ok a good one !!! could you sell a kit of this fm transmiter to Brasil?

  18. I’m interested to buy this kit, preferrably complete. My email is i.veliu[at]yahoo[dot]com

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