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Versatile Arduino based bluetooth car kit

No doubt Arduino is number one choice among electronics hobbyists and enthusiasts. IT is easy to prototype and program. Huge community accumulated loads of examples, tutorials and shields for any case. The Arduino board is only a heart with microcontroller inside. In order to have something working, you need either to build a circuit around, use shield or special kit.


If you like robotics, check out the RT0006 Bluetooth Car Kit. It is great starting point in building autonomous or remotely controlled cars or robots. The kit includes Infrared remote control module, Arduino, Bluetooth module, short range wireless controller, servo driven ultrasonic range finder module. Each tire is driven by individual DC reduction motor.


The car kit is built on organic glass base plate where other parts are assembled. Car can be powered by two 18650 rechargeable batteries. There is also a charging module built int.

The idea list is endless with this kit. You can build simple wandering-around robot, perform some basic tasks, organize competitions. Arduino sensor expansion board has plenty of free I/O pins that can be used to expand platform with additional sensors like bump switches, IR sensors, microphone and more.


The gearbest car kit includes two! car kits in one shipping. Check out the discounts with Coupon code: HD45KF

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