Using PIC to program AVR

It is common norm that AVR programmers are based on AVR microcontroller. But practically there is no difference which MCU is forced to pump the firmware – the only thing that matters is programmer firmware. But if you don’t feel comfortable with this idea, check out jeromir’s project where he ported STK500 firmware from tuxgraphics to PIC16F1825 microcontroller.

PIC based AVR programmer

He’s not taking the credit for all the hard work as he only cleaned code a bit and wrote new hardware layer. It to only one evening to accomplish. The programmer is assembled on through hole prototyping board with MAX3232 interface chip. As jaromir says, this wasn’t intent to build a tool, rather this was a fun project to marry two most fighting MCU sides. But if you feel this is useful, no problem to add FT232RL instead of MAX3232 and make it an USB programmer which has no problem to work with older AVRstudio or AVRDude.

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